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Disabled/Paralyzed Bodybuilders Out There?


So I was in a car accident on May 23rd and am now paraplegic (T3 complete, meaning completely paralyzed from below nipple line). I used to frequent this site a lot before my accident and have just now gotten back to reading it.

Anybody else out there bound to a wheelchair? I think I remember someone on this site in a wheelchair. I think his name was 4est?

I'm interested in how you all train, what supplements you currently take (fish oil would probably be useful to reduce inflammation in my spine, among other things, so I'm taking that), and what your progress has been.



Damn, man. That's a tough break. But yeah, 4est is his name but I haven't seen him post recently. Maybe you could shoot him a PM?

Also, just curious, how much training can you do? Just arms or can you still squeeze in a chest workout?


a little research got me "wheelchair-bodybuilding.com"

nick scott looks like a guy to seek out.

the fact that you're on here and looking to get back at it speaks volumes of your character. kick some ass and keep us posted!


That is crazy. Shit how bad was the car crash?

Sorry for the mishap...


First, congrats on dealing with a situation like that in such a short time. That is inspirational alone seeing as how you just went through this months ago.

Like Lanky said above, 4est on this site is wheelchair bound and that doesn't seem to stop him much.

Let us know how things work out.


Can't really help, dude--but sincere good luck.


Much respect, man! Good luck.


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Outstanding show of character my man!


Wow. And dumbfucks complain about how they have long legs so they cant squat....

Much respect man. Really. I dont think I would've dealt with it the same way you did. You're a true man and goodluck!


I am so sorry to hear this Hammad. You ever get bored, shoot me a pm bud! You ever need anything, let me know.


We do a lot of shit talking and bitching on this site, but we still all have souls (most of us). You my friend are truly a badass for facing this with the amount of balls you are.


Not to be a dick or anything, but they guys I see in wheel chairs that push themselves normally have huge arms. I don't know if they work out or if its just from having to use their arms to get around and do everything else.



hope this helps. your brand of spirit makes anything possible. you have all my respect & admiration.


Indeed. Truly badass.

One of the biggest issues must be that in order to move a weight, you have to push against something stable. Normally legs and core provide this stability. You might be able to come up with a design for something that helps your chair become more stable to allow more freedom with different lifts. Or perhaps some equipment that gives that stability while out of your chair. Every gym has a couple of guys who can weld. (better yet if you are one of them.)

On the other hand, there are hundreds who have been on that hard road before you. Perhaps some of these issues are already solved.



Victor Konavalov is a BEAST.


I was in a head on with a garbage truck. We were both going 70, I was the point of impact. Garbage truck flipped over, I got a helicopter ride and never knew it. I woke up 5 1/2 weeks later, went down from 240 to 167. I am 6'6" and looked horrible. Broke 19 bones, including cervical and lumbar spine. Half of my intestines were removed. I've had 15 trips under the knife and they still want to cut on me.

I was told by several doctors I would not walk again. The doctors telling me this obviously have never spent time under the bar. In fact to this day I am told that I need to quit lifting. I have been in pain every day of my life since then. I go to bed hurting, I wake up in the middle of the night in pain. I wake up in pain. Thats just the way it is.

Weightlifting is a gift, it has provided me and you too, a positive self image and confidence. You and I just to have to work a little harder, be a little more patient and sometimes be a little creative on the floor.



Thats his Facebook, i sent him a message to come view your thread.

I hold that man in the highest regard along with Bushido, they will both see you right.

I hope you become a monster in the gym in time, put those wannabe's to shame :slight_smile:


I also got nothing to add other than seek out 4est from here as well as top wheelchair bound competitors.

Good luck to you and please keep the nation updated. From what I've seen in the past and when you PM'ed me before your accident (I recognized your avatar), you really seem like a stand-up guy with your head on straight.


I don't really have anything to say that hasn't already been said but I sincerely wish you the best of luck. What you've gone through has really put some of my own problems in perspective.

Stay strong!