Disabled Badminton

I play disabled badminton (i have cerebral palsy), i work in a gym and want to know the best exercises people think to improve power, obviously i dont want to do a lot of heavy stuff as i need to recover for my next session. I play on average 4 times a week, ive been looking at some power articles to increase my speed around the court, but think i need to do a bit of strength training over christmas as training has halted for christmas and need to be ready for my tournament in Feb!!

Any suggestions??

While Ive never played disabled badminton, I have found that getting stronger in general helps with everything you do across the board. And if you read some of the articles on this site about athletics in general you will find that they agree with this point.

I had an SCI about 10 years ago, and I prefer to use 5/3/1, in Wendlers book he has a 2 day a week plan that you could fit into your schedule. You dont have to kill yourself every training session to progress, and as long as you are eating and sleeping right I dont see how it would detrimentally affect your performance in badminton.

As I dont know your level of ability I cant recommend any specific exercises and as Ive never played badminton I dont know how exactly they will carry over to your sport, but getting stronger never hurt anyones performance.

If you want I can tell you how Ive modified some exercises to get the most out of them, and what I dont do so as to protect my shoulders.

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Look into whole body workouts.

Pullups/lat pulldowns have good carryover to raquet sports

These are good for overall athleticism…

I tried doing complexes before i played badminton but didnt help my goals. Going to add some back in to my training now. :D, Thank You

Not many people have, its not even a Olympic Sport (but will be in 2020). Im only one of the main individuals who goes to a gym, with me working in a gym i know the basic stuff. I just need the extraordinary exercises to get me better than my opponents. The main emphasis of my training is on speed (which now i know comes from strength). I do the 4 big movements each day and do some additional work. Im putting in more speed related movements such as box jumps and even looking into doing complexes (some) based around olympic lifting movements to contribute to speed. But yes, i havent got to over do it, last week i did RDL’s on monday and didnt go to the gym (missing 3 workouts the rest of the week because i “did too much”. Aswell as the gym i train for 9 hours of badminton a week. So its hard to find time to add anything else in. Ive started doing speed endurance work such as suicides, laying 6 cones a distance apart and running to the first and back to start, running to the second and back and so on.

I go to the gym Monday-Thursday and training for badminton
Monday- 2 hours
Tuesday- 2 hours
Wednesday (light session)- 2 hours
Friday ( hard sesion(s)- 3 hours
I work alternate tuesdays and thursdays

Hopefully putting all this together should help me for my next main Tournament in Holland in October

I have a book that recommends stuff for tennis players.

For jumps, “slalom jumps” and multiple hops, and 1 leg jumps. Kind of trying to combine jumping forward, and to the side, like angles.

For sprints,
advancing to the net from the back of the court. Accelerate, then stop at the net.

Long shuttle. Back and forth, on the baseline, from single sideline to single sideline.

Short Shuttle-on the baseline, from the center line to the single sideline and back

“Fan”- Five, 4 meter sprints, from the center line to zones on the court, then backing to the center line, in a fan-like pattern.

The book recommends holding a racket and facing the net as much as possible for the sprints.

Can you send me a link to the book. Sounds really helpful!!


“Special Strength Training manual for Coaches,” Yuri and Natalia Verkhoshansky, (2011)

Chapter 8, Section 8.7