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Dirty Gerdy: How Do You Train?


This may have been covered in another thread, and if it was I'm sorry, but I (and I'm sure many others) am really curious about how Gerdy trains. A couple things I'm wondering:

Do you follow the one work set approach that many of the guys in the BOI follow or do you do multiple work sets per exercise?

What does your training split look like?

Do you focus on heavy weight or "feeling the muscle" when you lift?

Hopefully we can all learn a few things from one of the most accomplished guys on this site


i can tell you he dead lifts 500 for reps, so I'd say he lifts pretty damn heavy.

I also know that he does cable flys for chest.

And just so ya know, only 2 or 3 guys in the BOI are one work set guys, quite a few pyramid up though.

Edit: what i mean to say is that I don't think it has to be either or, and I think Gerdy would agree with me.


maybe im wrong but wouldn't that be the same thing, ur pyramiding up to one heavy work set?


what's BOI


I don't think so, because my sets working up to that sure as shit aren't light.


at least not to me.

I also do quite a few working sets with the same weight, like today for my bb rows it was 4x6-8 all done with 205, i had warm up sets but i dont count those.

sorry for the hijack btw.


I pyramid up as well.

The last set Im pretty much at failure.

I know you not supposed to lift to failure every time but I do and I like it that way.

If it doesn't work, then its news to me.


Brotherhood Of Iron (part 3)


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sweet, the first time i've been put down because I achieved something physique wise.



Yeah, not to hijack the thread, but there must be something wrong with gv_nsg. He must have never seen lats. Or maybe he wants to lick them, who knows?

And I hope Dirty Gerdy responds! He's a great poster


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Congrats JB, you successfully hijacked a thread that was suppose to be focusing on Dirty Gerdy. He's going to be pissed at you for stealing his spotlight. I heard that some guy stepped in front of him during a pose down on stage, after the show, he ripped the guy's heart out back stage like that guy from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!

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Side note, you couldent rip someones heart out through the chest, there is a bone that sits more or less over the heart, the sternum, and its quite thick.

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Anywho, just an interesting note.


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That was entertaining to read.