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Dirty Football Tricks


This year I'll be playing football, and I'll probably be a D tackle. Do any of you guys know any good little tricks for inflicting pain on people? My coach told us that some guys tape quarters on their knuckles. Is that any goood?

btw, please don't post any "be a good guy, play by the rules" crap. football is a dirty ass game, and everyone else is dirty, so why shouldn't I join in?


I always used to shove the shoulder pads of the lineman up into their throats. Sometimes you would hit them good and they would pretty much drop on the spot.

Never heard of taping quarters to your fingers...


If you really want to play dirty, you can sharpen the metal clips that fasten your chin strap to your helmet. Of course, very painful things might happen to you if you do that and get caught.

Personally, I think that's too dirty, it's dangerous, but we played a team that did that when I was in high school.

Our TE left the game with a 7" gash on his srm. They won, too.


when the ref isn't looking... stick your thumb up the opponents ass... a lil footy trick from Australia

of course i have absolutely no idea how American football is played, so that might not work.


this isn't illegal if I remember but one of my friend's plays and there's a "niche" between the shoulder pads and the helmet (near bottom of neck) on either side. You can hook your hand in there and pull them down.


Quarters are for chumps. Tape butcher knives to your knuckles and go all punchy on them.

Also, have a sniper up in a light rack. Have him put one through the Q.B.s armpit when he tries to throw the ball.

After a couple of those, he should get the hint.

If that doesn't help, you just aren't cut out for sports.


Over here you wear a little pad for your tailbone that also covers your crack so unless I really work on my thumb strength and get a sharp ass fingernail, that probably would not work

This was supposed to be for the Aussie guy btw


You can try sticking a thin Metal Plate between the your knee pad and tights. I really wish there was a thread like this in my Junior year of playing.


We used to put sewing pins in our pant belts and when we were in the pile,pull them out and get to jabbin'

Grow your finger nails out and cut them into a point and and scratch the shit out of someone.

Have a great day!


Try the figure four leglock. That seems to inflict a lot of pain.


My advice is to smash yourself in the head until your mentally retarded, then pretend people are Colonial Sanders. GATORADE!!

Any finishing moved from wrestling..ie. powerbombs, sweet chin music, tombstone should do the trick as well.

If you really want to play dirty, invite them to dinner, order the most expensive shit and then tell them you like long walks on the beach. When they fall in love with you, send them pictures of you banging his teammates in the ass. That shit would hurt...not physically, but emotionally.


ah righto


Stop worrying about playing dirty and just put your time in on the field, in the weightroom, on the track, and in the kitchen.

Maybe then you could just flat-out beat the guy in front of you? Call me crazy, worked for me though.

As a tight end, I will tell you that I can't stand when d-ends jam their palm into the bottom of my facemask and it pushes my helmet up into my face and I can't see. Then I remind myself that it was probably because I was playing too high. Anyway, good luck.


A lot of the dudes I saw intentionally playing dirty ended up hurting themselves in the end getting too caught up in that rather than just playin' the damn game.

I played T and sometimes D-Linemen would cross your face and try to squeeze your nuts on the way in. A lot try to get you too jump offsides but that's you're bad if you do because that's just a discipline thing. You know the snap count.

I say as a D-Lineman try to grab any type of cloth you can while you do your rip and swim techniques. That's not so much dirty as a O-Lineman's bad for having too lose a jersey.
But dude, I just say forget about the dirty techniques. The more you think about them the more they take away from the real techniques you need to learn.

Focus on the real intricacies of the game and it'll pay off a lot more in the long run.


I got a couple..

I played DE and I used to hit the guy in the helmet with my hand, he should move a little bit, he might try to hold you from getting there, if he grabs your jersey, try falling on him, ref might see it. Penalty

Watch Reggie White and watch his arm throw. He used to get his right arm under the left armpit of the OT and toss them to the side. Requires strength but definately effective and clean

Another one is, if you bullrush the guy, hit him the gut first then push the bastard out of your way.

Last but not least, drive the bus! Grab the to pieces on the shoulder pads that cover the upper part of your chest, grab the sides of those bitches and he is yours. Push like all hell, hes yours if you got the steering wheel.

Driving the bus was my favorite. Talk some shit to the guy in front of you at the line. Ever watch 'The Program'? EXCELLENT football movie. A little old (early 90's) but its awesome. Listen to some of the things Alvin Mack says on it and use it. I always did. Good luck to you man!


In my opinion, if you really have to think about little dirty tricks to inflict more pain on people, then you really aren't that good to just plain beat the guy with skill in the first place. Why don't you just bull rush the shit out of someone all game or use your quickness to out move the guy in front of you? That will piss someone off more than anything, trust me! Once you flatback someone a few times, there goes their confidence to line up against you..

I suggest NOT sharpening the metal clips on your chin strap, some team did that to us in high school and one of our guys (like the previous poster) had to leave the game with a huge 4" gash in his arm. That shit is just dirty and messed up and is NOT football. Good way to get your ass kicked. Btw, we beat the shit out of them that game.

I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but I don't care. I'm not that kind of player personally, I would rather my skill do the shit-talking personally. Beating a CB off the line against man press and blowing by him for a 50 yard touchdown feels pretty damn good without throwing having to step on an ankle in a pile or something.

Every so often it's good to be a little cocky and have a swagger, everyone's different though. Don't get wrapped up into BS.


Comedy GOLD!!


Look your man right in the eye and tell him that his father never loved him. It hurts. I know.
Then run him over with a Buick.
Then go play soccer.


Guys who ask questions like this are the guys who get jumped after the game.

Dirty players always get it later.

Then again I played in Central California....it's hard to stick your finger in a guys eye when he has 30 cousins waiting for you in the parking lot.


I can't wait for you to come through untouched and the pulling tackle remembers you. Then you get hit low and tear an ACL.