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Dirty Dick.......Cheyney

For all those interested in Dick Cheyney’s character check out www.cbc.ca/fifth.

Who is Dick…Cheyney?



I think that’s the guy who is the Chauffeur for John Kerry’s wife, the ketchup billionaire. Oops, shhh the liberals are trying not to talk about her (and her ludicrous comments) until after the election. Ha ha

[quote]latin_thug wrote:
For all those interested in Dick Cheyney’s character check out www.cbc.ca/fifth.


I watched the show about it on the weekend. It made Dick look horrible. Corruption doesn’t get much worse than that. It’s amazing how things like that can fly.

You guys are swallowing the propaganda spooned out by the CBC? Ya’ll need to get a life.

I think it was either the CBC, or the Globe and Mail that nominated Sadaam for Man of the Year.

Rainman, before you dismiss it out of hand as “propaganda”, maybe you should take the time to read it.

I moved to Wyoming in 1979 when I got out of the Army, and Dickhead had just been elected to his first term in the House. I’ve followed him since then, and every statement on the CBC site is true. I’ll even take some responsibility for his “ascent to power” as I voted for him a couple times.

His platform back then was simple and elegant: “There are 435 seats in the House of Representatives, but Wyoming only has a single one. And since the other 434 are a bunch of assholes, it’s important that Wyoming send the biggest Asshole of the bunch. Elect Dick Cheney to be YOUR asshole.” Hey, it worked.

Dickhead is one of the main reasons that the Bush administration is probably the most corrupt and dishonest of all time. Because much of their malfeasance will be actionable once they leave office, they will stop at nothing, legal or not, to retain that office.

In the event that even the USSC can’t save their asses this time, you can expect the most executive pardons and blanket grants of immunity in history next January.