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Directions Needed, Please.

Just read the article by Alwyn Cosgrove. I think I have brakes on. I can’t lift heavy or do heavy barbell curls. I end up throwing the weight up, my back arches right over and my ego says don’t use less weight. I press average 40kg, close grip, flat, military etc.Bent over rowing 44kg. And reverse grip curl is the same. I curl at 30kg. I’m always sore the next day, except for biceps. I did my back and biceps yesturday, today I feel as though I could do it again. I did high frequency training as in chins every night. I went from 5 to 12 over 3 weeks. My upper arms have not grown. I started at 15" circumference and nothing has changed. I do feel as though my brakes are on, somewhere. I eat enough, train at home with a bench and a few weights. I don’t know?

Hello again, been doing an 8 x 3 3 day aweek routine as mentioned in my previous posts

Should I try a 5 x 5 and try to increase strength. Or do I do
http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/how_to_build_pure_strength Something I couldn’t fathom out, but if I should do it, I’d buy the ebook.

Also, I don’t rest for 90 seconds or whatever between lifts, I just go when I think I’m ready. My biggest concern is, if I don’t hurt today, I did nothing yesturday.

If I can cover every angle, and understand everything, surely then I can enjoy lifting more and lifting heavier?


Hello Mike.

I read your workouts and diet and with all the information out there I fear is too much information for beginners. I hope you can take some criticism to help you along as well as answer some questions.

Your workouts are too much volume for your eating and recovery abilities. I would tell you to take 2 weeks off of all lifting and take that time to read-buy 5/3/1. And when you return add atleast 500-750 cals a day to your diet and track everything for about 6 weeks and see what happens… Remember this stuff takes time and consistence ( over a period of months/years not weeks).

Getting sore does not mean anything about progress - putting up bigger numbers on the weights or scale does.

Have a goal and train towards it.

Reread 5/3/1 again from start to finnish paying paticular attention to the mindset of Wendler and why he does certain things- (like goal setting) and realize proper training and goals backed up by a good nutrition base pays off in spades in the long run.

You need to realize that to get bigger and stronger you need to eat alot right ? Too add 1 inch to your arms usually means a gain of anywhere from 12-20 pds of bodyweight.

I hope this helps.


Thankyou for your reply. I don’t really have a goal, maybe I should. If I did, my goal would be to get stronger and lift more. I don’t wish to compete, not really fussed if my size doesn’t change a great deal. I gave up smoking,2 year ago,and I’ve always had desire to lift and weight training has replaced smoking.

I don’t want to be a bodybuilder, just get strong end lift more, keeping fit a bonus . I know it won’t happen after a week, I just need to know I’m doing things right. I don’t want to quit. I don’t mind criticism, it helps to me to learn, if I’m not doing it wrong, I don’t mind how I’m told.
By the way, my arms lifted 1 kilo less than last week in the curls???