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Direction for Fat Loss?

Hi guys, I’m new to T-Nation Forums, but not new… I’ve been lurking these pages for a few years. With that said I am Z, nice to meet you all! Well… Story is I have a renewed focus on going to the gym regularly, partly due to the fact that I may be going to Florida for vacation in a few months. What I am here to ask of T-Nation members is a little guidance and direction in what to do to lose some fat I have.

My Stats:
Age: 22
215 LBS
18 - 22% Body Fat (Guesstimate)
I am a type of body that can gain weight very fast and lose weight relatively quickly as well.

I’ve been going to the gym on an off for years and I’ve really kept in shape until recent years. Got a girlfriend (now ex) and gained a ton of weight.

My goal: Is to lose a lot of my fat in maybe two months. Maybe bring my fat percentage level to 10 - 15%?? Which is a feat I understand.

So basically what I am hoping for is maybe some help from you guys… I am wondering what are some of the best ways to lose this fat. I know a large part is my diet which I have started working on… So I’m mainly focused on possible routines and supplements that will exert my body to it’s fullest fat loss potential. I’ve also done my fair share of searching here and see many good ways, but I am hoping to see what works for most people. Thanks T-Nation!

Read these 2 articles and their discussion forums.

Thank you very much I will read them now!