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Directed mainly to CT and CW.

First things first, I will begin the ABBH program in a week or so.
But I’m curious if it would be possible to combine the first four weeks of ABBH with four weeks of CT’s “Canadian Cannons”?
If so, then on which day should I do the “canadian cannons” exercises?

Thanks alot for any answers.

Great question. I was wondering if it was possible to combine Candian Cannons II into any other set hypertrophy routine already laid-out on t-mag, as well. It is so demanding I don’t know where I could put it.

Great question, but the whole idea of the ABBHP is to pay special attention to the needs of your CNS to avoid overtraining and to promote maximum muscle growth.

I don’t think you want to combine ABBHP with any other, and I’m willing to bet Chad will agree.

Hmm, You might be right…
Might be for the better to try ABBH for it self…
And hey, it’s only one month program, if it shows no progress, (Which I doubt will happen), we can always change to another program.
Heh… Thanks :slight_smile:

Mike Mann is absolutely right. Perform the Canadian Cannon’s program during a phase when your CNS will not be so taxed.

Good Luck!