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Direct Neck Work

Hey, guys. For as long as I can remember, there has been debate on the need for direct neck work WHEN THE GOAL IS AESTHETIC. The augument has been that with proper training and nutrition, the neck mucles appear to develop adequate esthetics as a result of overall body anabolism. (Just stating the theory, not neccesarily supporting its validity!)With certain athletic pursuits (like wrestling), the need has been clear. So…1)What are your feelings on the theory 2) Do you guys do direct neck work and if so 3) What exercises?

I don’t. With no direct neck training, my neck
is one to 1.5 inches bigger than my arms (depending on how big my arms are at the time) and unfortunately the differential with my calves is even greater. I don’t think I
would look better with either a larger or
smaller neck so I just leave it as it is.

I’d have a different opinion in the case
of an individual with a smaller neck than
arms, or in the case of an individual whose
sport puts him in the situation where his
safety or performance is enhanced by having
the neck as large as possible.

Bill…I’m thinking the same way…and that’s the general advice that I’ve always heard…

Any of the rest of you guys with some thoughts?

I work my neck a lot with bridges and manual resistance because I need a strong neck for wrestling. I think that everybody should do some neck work because the neck is what connects the head to the body. For most people, they rarely, if ever, need great neck strength. But for the one time if you get in a car accident, then the neck becomes the most important muscle.

No question, guys…certain sports and activities require direct neck work, with the prime example being wrestling. However…it SEEMS like if the goal is purely “esthetic”, that MAYBE direct work is not required. Agree or disagree?