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Direct Calf Work for Explosiveness


Hey Guys,

I was gonna post this in vert/speed training thread but that seems to have turned into childish bickering..

Do you guys do any direct calf work to help with your explosiveness, and if so is it high rep or high weight, how often do you do it etc?

I sprint twice a week, do plyo's once a week and lower body weights three times a week. The only calf work i've done this season is in the first week my training partner made me do a total of 100/150/200... calf raises on consecutive days until I got to day 7 at 400 calf raises. Not sure that was the best thing for me.

I've seen some 400m runners doing single leg raises on the steps after a session, and i've heard of at least one top sprinter who does weighted ones (100kg+) but again i don't know where in the year that stuff falls or whether it got scrapped from his program.




OK I found an old article about this, so i'd like to state that this would be purely to improve my 100m time and I don't want bigger calves.

Would doing a calf-focussed plyometric workout be more beneficial? Like pogo jumps?

Could it be an inefficiency in the way my calves work rather than their raw strength/power? What about dorsiflexion work with a band for tib anterior?


Don't major in the minor bra.


^ yeahp... just push the prowler and keep sprinting. don't worry about shit like this.


cool, thanks for putting my mind at ease. will continue with my sprints/plyos/weights :slightly_smiling:


wah wah wah, you're a sissy

yes, calf raises to fatigue (bodyweight or weighted) and low level reactive work (explosive MR halftucks/pogos/sprints).

in the year? just do them 1-2x/week.. the calfs are no different than the quads, glutes, or hams, they need TUT strength training as well.