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Direct Bicep/ Tricep Excercises


are bicep/tricep excercises a waste of time??
in addition im currently doing
mon- chest/bis
wed back/tris

was thinking of just doing chest alone an back alone
but not sure, any advice on the whole arm workouts?


Yes, they are a waste of time. Why work out your muscles? Just be a normal person, relax, don't worry about this strength training/mass gaining lifestyle.

Much easier just to be generic! Your halfway there (since your not training your legs anyway)!



This is a troll right?


Yes, you should do squats for triceps and cleans for biceps.


I like calf raises for biceps, but if it works for you then by all means continue.


I just feel a better pump with the squats PLUS I don't feel like calf raises target any of my forearms which squats absolutely do.


i remember last time calf raises added 2 inches to my biceps.

I lol at all those huge bodybuilders losing their time doing curls.


lol dicks, well im not a novice just asking cause i heard biceps was a waste and doing deadlifts pull ups an other back excercises was better an no im not a bodybuilder i actually got accepted to tryout for the navy SEALS i just am training until i ship out, an yes i do biceps an tris however just wondering if it is a waste of time thats all people say it is an some say its not, but i'll get my own conclusions thanks clowns, good laugh tho lol calfs help bis right haha thanks but no thanks for the sarcastic advice appreciate it


They're not being dicks, it's just a subject that comes up too often to take it seriously anymore.

If your biceps fail first during a back exercise, you need to fix it (otherwise sub-par back growth). If your triceps fail first during presses, you need to fix it (otherwise sub-par delt/chest growth).

I'll quote PX here and say "a back exercise is supposed to fatigue...wait for it, the BACK!", not the biceps.

If the biceps/triceps didn't fail, or reach near it...did they get enough stimulation for growth? Why would you train other muscle groups with 100% effort, but not the biceps/triceps?

If the logic of those "don't train arms" people were true, why do intermediate bodybuilders often need to bring up their lagging upper chest (since flat benching hits it too, right?)? Or any other bodypart for that matter? Because tension on that muscle wasn't great enough...

By all means, if you don't want to look like a bodybuilder (with their "cartoon" bodyparts and all lol), don't train them directly. Or if you have the rare genetics to grow evenly with just a handful of lifts, carry on.


When you reach a certain level you can evaluate if you need to cut down on specific bicep excersies, or cease training biceps entirely. However I do believe the latter must only be considered if one is pretty advanced in terms of size and development. But again, different approaches work for different people. I haven't trained biceps for over 9 months now.


This thread is a waste of time...


Oh, OK. I never tried this because I always take my forearms off during squats. I squat wearing only a headband for my delt development.


I don't have access to a headband at my gym. Can I get the same results using ear-muffs and a nipple clamp, or do I need to just man up and buy some golf shoes instead?


I've always wanted to do ear-muffs and nipple clamps, but I thought they were banned under existing AAS laws. I only wear golf shoes when I curl-- you know, for Occipitofrontalis isolation.


They are banned, but I compete in an untested ping pong fed, which is why I don't do arms - they get enough stimulation already. I'm hesitant to do too much occipitofrontalis work - it lead to some imbalances which caused me to get a bad case of endocephalocolonopathy.


You're not a novice... but you "heard biceps was a waste of time?"

Uh. Yeah.


Hope you fail, 'cuz you sound fucking retarded.

What are you doing here if your not bodybuilding? Join the SEALS forum smartass.


Lol @ irony.


the SEALS forum must be awesomely cool.


Use the bosu ball while doing squats and then you won't need to worry about forearm activation, it's all biceps.