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Direct Arm Work is for Noobs


I would have taken off one of my shoes and placed it next to me, but alas it kept falling to the floor.


I know I'm a little slow on the uptake, but.......uh, I don't get it.


I don't know. OP is big, which gets respect, but is curling a 30 and makes an eliteballa reference? I'm confused as well.


Shoes+fat kid+small weight. What is not to get?




Not sure, but I hope this picture I attached to my message helps.


With boobs this thread is now semi-epic.


this is beyond any help boobs can bring.


in fact

no amount of redheads, goth girls arab pussy can correct this...


the epic point scale decreases 10 epic points to call your own thread epic. you are currently at -10 epic points. good luck rebounding from that one.


See above ^^



I can always count on brutal honesty here. I have achieved my goal of making one of the most failtastic threads. Thank you.


your real name biever?


the only way this thread will be considered failtastic is if it gets to a minimum of 400 posts of fail. we got work to do, but, so far so good.




I thought this section of the forum was for random nonsensical musings.


You're big. I'm subscribed to your YT channel. Could you make some vids of you lifting weights that are actually difficult for you? kthx!


I've got some deadlifts and bench heavy weight for me' coming next week.


I didn't get the nature of this thread. But I did have fun trying to spell Mississippi as a kid.

You're heavy lifting videos will be great to see also.


Are fail points proportional to negative epic points, or is it something completely different?