Direct Ab Work?

Ive heard different arguments on this subject.

Some say that all you need for strong abs and “core” is to just do all the major compound movements and get strong at them, while others say you should do direct “core” work.

Also, some say that you should train the abs doing spinal flexion, while others say that you should train the abs for spinal stabalization.

Whats a good way to train them, i was thinking of going back to land mines, aka full contact twist, but was wondering if there were any other good methods?

I see core work as assistance. Is there any upper or lower assistance work in your routine? If so, then why not core? Could be holding you back in a lift or two, nothin’ to lose. If you find that it doesn’t improve your performance then drop it out.

I’m definitely both hands up for spinal stabilization. McGills ultimate back performance was way too convinving. I rehabbed a herniated disc (L5-S1) using planks, birddogs, and curlups, and am now able to squat and deadlift again painfree. Get mobile around the hips, ankles, and upper back, not around the trunk.

Keep the landmines. I also like standing med ball slams, plank variations (single arm/leg, etc.), top end leg lowering, heavy turkish get ups, and heavy barbell curlups.

Ab Training for Athletes and Babehounds, 2K3

Im personally sick ofthis ‘compounds work abs’ thinking, its silly and just an excuse not to train abs.

I think ayone should be able to hold a plank for a good 60 seconds with atleast a 45 on their back.

I’m big on direct abs. I don’t feel I can get all I need out of squats and deads. I want my core to be relatively stronger than my other body parts for stability. It’s not for show because I got a nice layer of chub around em. That and I like takin punches in the gut for money. I do sit ups, leg raises and planks.

imo, I find if I skip my ab work, being able to squat really low under a snatch becomes harder. Helps me stay upright and keep tight right before I start the pull or jerk.

its one of those things that a lot of people neglect and I happen to be one of them. I’m just starting to get back into the habit of it and I can already tell its helping again because I’m catching snatchs and cleans really low and staying upright a lot more.