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I was wondering if any of you guys have used wave loading (3/2/1 then 3/2/1, like in CT's Dead lifting for stubby guys) for dips. And do you notice any advantage of dips over barbell based tri exercises?


If you're writing about close-grip bench press as your barbell based tri exercises, you should be doing those and dips.


I have found my strongest dip and strongest bench have little relationship... But getting a stronger CG Bench definatly helps my regular bench. But I'm only one person you will have to find out what works for you.

I still like doing dips, they seem to help my triceps grow and I just think they are fun. Wave loading could definatly work well with these

One thing I've done in the past is do sets of 3, 4, or 5 adding 5 lbs each set until I almost or sometimes hit failure. I was able to progress like this for several weeks.