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Hey T-Men,
I really need help on this, becuse i’ve been doing searches, but i can’t seem to find any help on my problem with dips. I’ve been dipping on parallel bars with about 4-5 inches of space between my hands and body. I try to keep my arms directly at my sides. The problem is, i can’t seem to get any further than my elbows being parallel to my shoulders. It just feels like i’m getting a really low range of motion. Am i doing them wrong, or is this just normal with dips?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

What do you want the dips to accomplish? With the bars you are currently using you could get a killer chest workout by turning your elbows out with your plams facing in. Curve your upper back and put your chin on your chest. Now dip away. By doing them this way you really isolate the chest.
Best Of Luck.

Do 'em as Older Lifter suggested - but maybe also consider hanging your legs in front of you rather the usual “knees bent and feet crossed” behind. We also perform dips with a over thumb grip to eliminate forearm work. Ko has strong forearms, and they tend to “take over” a exercise if we’re not too careful.

It may be a lack of flexibility throughout the shoulder joint. Or, you may just not have strength throughout the lower portion of the movement. Try doing slow negatives (4-5 seconds) beyond your normal range (elbows parallel). If you are able to lower yourself beyond parallel without dropping like a rock, it is most likely a strength issue. If you are unable to lower yourself beyond parallel without discomfort in the shoulder/chest, it may be a flexibility issue. Arm length may also play a big part increased ROM as well.

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