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Anyone have any ideas for making dips more effective for triceps (e.g maybe inclining or declining the bars?)???

Keep your torso as upright as possible, don’t let your elbows flare out, and use as close a grip as possible (a v-bar is even better than parallel bars, too).

yep, get a dip belt, add weight…

Weighted dips are amongst my favorite exercises.

I agree with blowdpanis. Weighted dips rock. Try to stay as upright as possible; keep your head up. You need to go deep and keep your elbows in. Try doing a triple drop, or super setting to pre-fatigue your tri’s. Alternate, one week, do them at the beginning of the workout when you’re fresh, and the next week do them at the end when your worn out (with less weight though). This is a good way to avoid a plateau. Best of Luck to you man, hope they hurt!!!

Westside lifters do 1/2 dips because they say full range one work the chest too much at the bottom.

Use an over thumb grip, just balance on your palms. It takes your forearms out of playd really hits your chest and tris.

Thanks for the replies. I do weighted dips already, but I think I lean forward too much and have my elbows out.

Ian King answered the exact question in a Q+A segment (HEavy metal???). One of the things I remember is that if you use a V bar face out from it so that it is narrower behind you. It helps in keeping the elbows in I think.
Anyway to a search for it.