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Dips with chains?

Anyone tried this? Sounds horrible!

Why would you? I done wieghted dips with a chain weight belt.

We do them with bands. Hook each thumb in the band and wrap it around your back/traps and go to town.

My gym doesn’t have bands. Why wouldn’t chains work for a progressive loading? I’m stronger at the top than bottom. Seems like a good idea. (IMHO)

Jared doesnt having the band over your shoulders mess up your natural movement?

I don’t see why not. Like with any exercise, though, you’ll just have to tinker with the setup to get it to work.

Yeah chains sounds just fine for progressive loading.

I use a rope and a chain to hold up the plates right now, but it’s constant weight, not progressive. And I could see the value of progressive due to the variances in top to bottom strength.

So those bands lessen the load? Sounds like they would be stretched when going down.

I?ve done them a couple of times. You can go really low without causing too much stress to shoulders.

I had around 120 lbs in the bottom and 220 on the top.

I’ll try them out today and tell you guys how they worked out. I’ll just take my dipping belt and tag 100lbs of chain and let her ride.

I think they will work good as well. If you don’t have the tools to do so (like the suggestion jared made with bands), use chains, or simply do straight dipping w/ weight.

Another trick I use is to hold a bell between my feet, when I fatigue I drop it and finish the set. I get some funny looks but it works great.

I know the file is big, but it’s on a fast connection, so if you have cable or whatever, this download won’t take that long. it’s about a minute+ since I had to do all the setup too on the video.


Cool I’m gonna try this.

You gym actually had my mouth watering! So many squat racks insert homer drooling sound

So I take it the chains wasnt enough weight for you?

Looks like a fairly decent gym you got there, nice row of racks. Reminds me of a college gym.

To really get a good feel with them, I would want another 50lb of chain with them, and also have about closer to 200 lbs at the top instead of 100-150. Just because I hate doing reps anymore, and like to keep things under 6, but the video was simply for this forum.

14 power racks total. I’m not going to get into details, but it’s the olympic sports training room at a university here in Iowa.

Not to hard to figure out which university you are at…it’s in the link.

Go Hawks!

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oh yah ! :slight_smile:


Try it with chins too- accommodating resistance makes a nice change from a fixed weight.

I tried this today and it worked great. Used a 25lb plate and 25lbs of chain that was almost all on the floor at the bottom, and all off the floor at the top. I was only good for 5 a set.