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Dips & Pull-Ups: Negatives or Assistance?

For dips and pull ups I use assistance. I cannot do a single pull up yet. I may be able to do a few dips but to do full sets, I need assistance.

Are negatives more beneficial than full reps with assistance?

I would say get your bench, and row up. My Dip and pull-up numbers are improving as my bench and row numbers go up… If you for some reason can’t bench or row then I would say full range of motion pull-ups/dips with assistance would be more beneficial.

No I have access to a full gym.

But by assistance I mean a machine. You put your knees on it and it provides upward force while you’re pulling the bar that’s in the normal place. You can adjust how much upward force it gives you.

Can you do a chin up? (palms facing you.) If you can, training those for a while might help.

You might want to look into doing “fat man” rows.

I went nowhere on an assistance machine, then I discovered one day I could do chins/pull ups some months after I gave up on them. Using a Band might help more than just an assistance machine. You’ll let less help at the top of the movement where you don’t need it.

Negatives seem to be useless for beginners from what I have seen. Isometric holds do well though? I got my friend to do isometric holds in 4 positions for max time for one set followed by max reps assist, twice a week. Then once a week would accentuate 5RM row training (SS). He got chinups in 2 months, now he is doing 6 chinups in a row, combining rows with chins and pullups.

For pullups I just worked the lat pull down and really heavy dumbell rows and some negatives. It didn’t take long (maybe a month) before I coudl do a few sets of 3 pull ups and now I can knock out five sets of 5 or 6 without too much hassle.

You can also do assisted pulls and chins by putting a bar across the cage then getting a box or crate. Basically get under the bar, put your feet ont eh box and put a weight on yrou lap and start doing whatever you want. I workout at home, so I’m not sure if people would frown at you for using a rack for this at the gym. That’s why I don’t go to gyms :slight_smile:

Anyway … that’s what I did and I’m pretty happy with my progress.

Get yourself a set of monster mini bands and a set of light or average bands. Do 4 sets of pullups/chinups with the monster minis to rep failure, which might be just enough help to do maybe 1 or two without kipping. Then do 4 sets with the other bands to rep failure. Add reps each session if you can, not sets. This plus rowing and bicep work and dropping 24 lbs took me from no chinups to 2 (214 Bodyweight) in a few weeks.

I’ve got an unassisted dipping station at home, with the chin-up bar. When I started, I could manage 3 dips, 1 chin-up and 0 wide grip pull-ups.
I used negatives for a couple of weeks (I started about 3 weeks ago, on and off) and I can now manage 3x8 dips, 2x5 chin-ups and 4 pull-ups in a row.

It’s far from being astounding, I know, but the negatives certainly worked for me. I guess different methods work for different people.

as long as your using less and less assistance you’ll get there.

i’m tall and i couldn’t do many pull ups this winter; now i’m doing bodyweight+65lbs for 8. it take a while; but keep on it.

i do negatives. when i do them; i do them VERY slow.