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Dips Okay But Not Bench Press?

I have some weird antrapometry that makes my bench rom short despite having pretty long arms. I’m dealing with shoulder pain, and my physical therpist and doctor says i’m not injuried. However i have massive cracking in my shoulders and when i bench, i suffer no pain but after a bench session, holy shit it hurts. My biceps are very short so i belive that in the buttom of the bench there is a lot of stress ok my shoulders.
However, when i do dips i feel fine afterwards.
Anybody else who experiences this?

Whats your body weight and height. What do your bench sessions look like? Warmup included. are you pressing for strength (goal of just getting that one number up over time) Or are you trying to get as big of a pump as possible? How frequently are you benching, are you doing pulling and rows atleast as often as your pressing? Ideally should be a little more.

After all upper body sessions stretch your chest hard immediately post workout from a variety of angles…

I have given up bench pressing and low bar squatting with regularity, and my shoulders have never felt better.

Are you just looking for options/ideas, or just people in a simliar situation?