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Dips Getting Waaaay to Easy?


Well, I have moved from a full body to a 4day split, but I am not advanced enough to go onto some super isolation program.

Monday: chest & biceps
Tuesday: lower body
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: back & rear deltoids
Friday: OFF
Saturday: shoulders & triceps
Sunday: OFF

Benchpress: 3 sets
Incline: 2 sets
Decline Flies: 2 sets
Weighted Close-grip Chinups/one arm: 3 sets
Reverse Curls: 2 sets
Curls: 2 sets

Cleans: 5 sets
Squats: 3 sets
45d Leg Press: 3 sets
Sumo Deads: 2 sets
Ham Curls: 2 sets
Calf Raise: 2 sets

Deadlifts: 3 sets
Snatch: 5 sets
Widegrip Weighted chins: 3 sets
Widegrip Bent Row: 2 sets
Bent flies: 2 sets

Ring Dips Weighted: 3 sets
Close grip Bench: 3 sets
Military Press: 3 sets

So I am doing a Low volume split, but on Saturdays, when I do my dips if I am all alone I cannot get a dumbbell heavy enough up the stairs and then stick it in between my legs to weigh myself down. I am having to lug 35-40kg dumbbells up a few feet, then mount myself without the use of my legs, and its just too hard, collectively, after being fatigued. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can replace this excercise, or work out something easier to coordinate?


bring it up at the start of your workout


No, as in I need to drop it at the end of every set so I don’t break my ankles when I land. so not only is it too hard to get it in between my legs by myself, the rubber dumbbells rip at my leg hair, and I need to carry it up the stairs repeatedly. Did I mention its too hard to get it in my legs by myself?
Please don’t make me have to show you a video of me struggling to get this thing on me, then doing the dips.


You ever heard of dip belts? People use those to dip with more weight than you claim to be using right now. Buy one.


Ok, never heard of them. I have heard of weight-vests, but that would restrict movement or give arm chafe. I’ll check it out and probably buy one this week.


Haaa you have ‘leet’ posts, BF.


Dip belts will do the trick. The weight doesn’t get in the way at all, it just hangs between your legs.


If you’ve got a lifting belt, get a length of chain with a fastener on one end. Put the chain through the holes in the plates and then slip your belt through the loop of chain. Then put your belt on and arrange the chain/weight so that it hangs down between your legs.


Do you have two flat benches, or a flat bench and two chairs. Feet on one bench, hands on the edge of the other, weight on your lap. Or just get/make a dip belt.


You can use the belt for weighted chins too. It’s a pain in the ass set up the plates and you’re talking two big plates.


get a dip belt


Putting a dumbbell between your legs is an alternative to a dip belt.


[quote]beginer2007 wrote:
Putting a dumbbell between your legs is an alternative to a dip belt.[/quote]

Yeah but it’s harder to do dips for your chest, because it’s harder to lean foreward when you have weights between your legs


Having to put the weight between my legs was the initial problem lol. I think I’l get a dip belt. Man, none of the local sport stores have them, I might have to order one in!


Step 1: Challenge a buddy, gymrat, or hapless passerby to a dipping contest.

Step 2: Up the stakes by putting money on the contest.

Step 3: Use winnings to buy yourself a dip belt.


cant you just get a couple of schoolbags, wear one the normal way, the other the opposite weight and put a couple of 45 lbs on each so they balance?


Yeah, i guess so i didnt think of that. I’l try that out, I could get lucky, and you might have just invented the budget dip-belt!
Saroachman, I dont have any friends that would fall for that. How about you and me right here right now. How you wanna do the payment? You have a credit card? Or send a check by mail? :wink:


You honestly do 3 sets of ring dips with 77-88 pounds weighing 155? Unless I’m misinterpreting this I’d like to see that.


Hah! My fat ass could probably do four.


my fatass does 3 without any extra weight haha