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Dips Feel Like Nothing


Anyone knows why happens this:

I am doing a routine and dips are among one of the excercises. But, if I do dips at the end, it feels as I did nothing, all the pumping, tiredness is cleared. I left with the feeling of not beeing excercised enough.

any ideas?

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The answer is post-fatigue, been worked all the way the triceps muscles, the adyacent muscles take over moving the work from the tris.


erh.... you will feel it later. =)

Its like your chest has been split in two. well thats what happens to me


Add weight with a belt, or hold a dumbbell with your legs.


are you using added weight? are you going thru a full range of motion? all the way down to full stretch then back up in a controlled manner not aided by momentum? can't see how you couldn't feel anything positive from doing that.



Try leaning forward to put the emphasis on your pecs.

I've seen your pics in RMP. No offense, but you're light; add weight and you will definitely feel something...


I think i didn't explain myself. I feel it effective. I do it very slowly. I feel the stretch on my arms, I open my elbows, i feel the tricep work, if I lean i feel the chest ripping apart, but, If I do dips at the end of the workout i feel kind of rested.
the pump goes away. chest and arms feels deflated. If I close with cable flies I keep the sensation of devastating the muscle.

Never done with added weigth, will try it this saturday (that use as my learning day).

Never use momentum always used an slow tempo.


I do lean... this week I noted I reached 3x10 reps, wich is high rep for my body I try to keep my rep range between 5-8 and add weight when reach higher than 8. That would justify to start using added weight, I teorize now that having done all my job, doing the dips without added weight acts like a cool down stretch and muscles relax because job beeing done is lighter that previous ones.

What you guys think about my theory? B.S. or real.


I do go full ROM, exemplary slow, full rom. with emphasys in difrerent angles.


i give it a try this saturday.


totally stumped by this. i have no idea what it means


3 sets of 10 reps of unweighted dips isn't very much for dips IMHO. I usually do 3-4 sets of 12-15 with weight (BW of 205 lbs + 110-135 lbs of added resistance). Makes dips quite a bit more challenging.


Not to sound like an idiot monkey boy copying everything out of his MD magazine but I went out and got me a heavy ass piece of chain and have been doing dips with that bitch around my neck around ala Warren. I do those on chest day though.


First off, "feeling a pump" is a poor method of measuring training affect. Second..if you don't think you are working hard enough - add weight. What you described as your workout is not even half my warm-up. Third..try exploding up and going down slow...and 4th...try it on rings. I bet you'll be sore then.


do weighted dips and/or gironda dips


Take in consideration I am a relative begginer.
I am not saying pump means anything worth to measure, just the effect when dip at the end.
I am aware NOW that I has been using not much weight.

At the end, there was not an answer for the original question, someone changed the thread name.

My original question is why dips WHEN MADE AT THE END, makes feel the muscle tension less?, dips clears the feeling of having worked it?

Consider the question under the premise "when done at the end", not warming up, when I do this, is after 45 minutes of all kind of tricep/other excercises. If do dips at the beggining the volume increases but that is not the question. The sequence is: I do workout 45 minutes, tricep muscle feels devastated. IF I do dips at that very moment, I barely do 3x10 but after that the muscle loses the devastated feeling.


Do you grow and gain strength by doing your workouts?


Usually I do (Weight+3/4" on arms prove it)
When done that way (I avoid it), I don't know what happens for a sigle workout.


well, I think it is that kind of academic question. I do reall agree with people who said that I add weigth, it makes sense, because six month of hard and continuos trainig has gotten that muscles on shape and now it needs to be challenged to really get sore from dips.


juan remember soreness does not always equal muscle growth


No, it just means challenge. I think that in arms I am in a comfort zone and I am trying to push me out of there. want my arms growing at the same pace than the rest of my body. Wich is sore from time to time.