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Dips & Chins - Videos & Tips


Hi! I'm in to bodyweight exercises, especially with extra weight.

It gives you raw upper body strength, and for most people increasing other press & pull exercises.

We'll talk about different techniques, what weight to use and reps/sets, depending what your goals are.



I've been working on my dip and chin weights for some some time as well. My bodyweight ranges from 215-225lbs and I can do +180x1 on dips and +120x1 on chins. My strategy has been basically to pick a rep range (usually 10, 5, 3, or 1) and increase the weight every week until I stall and then switch it up. I'm trying to work my way up to being able to do muscle ups and one-handed chinups but I'm not quite there yet.


I usually do 3, 5 or 10 reps as well. Muscle up is something I've tried and failed.

A muscle up with extra weight would be awesome!


My dip is pretty solid, I work it twice a week - once bodyweight (225 lbs) for higher reps (20-25 per set) and once weighted. I've got to about 110 lbs on the weighted ones.

My chins, on the other hand, suck a bag of dicks. I can do about 10 but with a shit ton of cheating. Any suggestions for getting better at this? Right now I'm trying the Selkow method with low reps and lots of sets but its not really working that well.


I was doing Dips in 10x10 scheme (week after week I added lbs to every set) and Chin ups - 5x5 (Last set was the heaviest, and after week my last set was my 4 set, and it goes on like this). Simple progression, with good results.

Anyone tried Gironda dips?


My chins is not the best either, but I've started doing them negative, heard it helps, maybe try that too?


I'll give that a try, thanks. Would you recommend doing them weighted or not?


Xeno. screw weighted chins for now. don't add weight until you can get 5x10 bodyweight chins. the key to getting better is frequency. do chin-ups and their variations like 3-4x a week. one day can be chin-ups, another day can be neutral-grip [close or wide] chins, another can be pull-ups, you get the idea. you can either shoot for a total number of reps (starting with 30 or 40, working your way up and up), or just do 5 solid sets of reps with good form.

Also - let's say you are doing 5 sets and however many reps. on the first 4 sets, avoid going to failure, leave something in the tank... the last set, it is ok to go to failure as long as that last rep isn't a grinding-gay-ass-rep.


When I was ashamed of my chins/pullups I did one working set all out mon/wed/fri. Worked really well.