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Dips and Chins


How many dips are chins can everyone do and what does everyone think a good amount should be???

I weigh 225 and can do 42 dips and 16 wide grip chins. How about you?


Depends what you're training goals are, strength, hypertrophy, endurance etc.

If you want to build up the strength, go for the weighted dips and weighted chins. If your training goals are more conditioning and endurance related, then doing as many as you can do and going to failure is understanable.

That's a good effort what you've posted. I'd try focussing more on strength and begin blasting those triceps/pecs/lats with the weighted chins and dips.


I agree, once you get past a certain level dips and chins are just endurance. If size is what you want, go for weighted.


thanks, but not to be an ass, i was just wondering what everyone can do to compare. I do weighted chins. Its light though, i can do 4 reps with a 45 pound plate. But with dips i use 3 45 pound plate for 4


also once i get my camera up i will be posting pictures


Uh-oh...hope that set of weighted dips looks better than another New Yorker I've seen! Just kidding, Wonnie!


Those are some awesome endurance numbers for weighing 225! You should try one arm chins. These guys are right though...you could probable bring your weighted chins way up.

I haven't done over 5-6 reps on weighted chins in a long time...usually multiple sets of 2 or 3. I have absolutely no endurance right now. I tried to do a max set of bodyweight the other day and could only get 12 with no kip. I am sure that if I started training for strength endurance that I could get 20+ within 3-4 weeks. I can do a set of 5 with a 55 lb. dumbell hanging from my waist.

I am 6'4" and 195 lbs. I always go to a full hang position on every rep...that makes for a long pull in my case. BTW, that is a semi supinated grip. I can do a little more supinated. My max single is bodyweight + 95 lbs.


i'm 5'10" 180

i can do 15 dead hang pullups and 35 atg dips(for lack of better term).
just started messing aroung with weighted. the heaviest i've gone so far for dips 5x4x25 kilo but pullups i can only get a couple sets of 3 reps @ 25kilo then i do singles and negatives.


I can do 1000 of each. So there. :slightly_smiling:


40 dead hang Chins-57 clean Dips. Body weight 188lbs.


Well, I know 20 chins is a piece of cake for me, which is why I always do weighted... same for dips.

If you search what's-his-name's site "Jesse Marunde" , he's got a video clip of him doing pullups and clapping in the air at the top of each rep. I tried and could do them too, but they are a little intimidating at first. I'm 6'0, 177 lbs.


FYI, the world record for most chins in 1 hour is 239 (I forget where I read this...)

That's 4 a minute for an hour.


Quick question about dips. I know that there are 2 ways to do dips, one that emphasizes the chest and another that emphasizes the triceps. What is the discrepancy in the movement that makes the difference? Thanks.


Keeping the torso upright loads the triceps, while tilting forward shifts the load onto your pectorals.

This occurs because you always perform work against gravity on the vertical axis. By keeping totally upright (and thus parallel to the vertical), your pecs aren't being subjected to as much load since they are mostly activated during pressing movements. As you tilt forward (away from the vertical), you begin pressing with your chest.

If you were to tilt to the extreme, your body would be parallel to the ground. In this case, you'd essentially be performing a mid-air pushup, unsupported at the feet.


FightinIrish- Leaning forward focuses more on the chest, while staying as vertical as possible will emphasize the triceps. Chad Waterbury talked about a variation that especially hit the chest, where you lean way way forward or something.

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That was set by a Marine and has since been boken twice. The current world record for Chins in one hour is 522. This comes out to 8.7 per minute. Very impressive.


25 kipping chins this afternoon, ~6', 170-175. Don't know my dip max, but I have faith that it isn't too hot. Best chin is BW+90 pounds, a couple weeks ago.



I have been meaning to ask you this. Does this kipping movement originate from the knees as in a kicking way, or from the hips as in more of a full body swing?

I am not and have never been a kipper. In fact, I know when I am nearing the end of a difficult set as my knees tend to start to move a little. I can see the value in kipping as in a total body workout.


weight: 203

Chins as of this past Wed: 12 full hang body weight.

Dips as of this past Wed: 22 Body weight
Last time with 45 lb plate 10

As of late I am focusing more on these two movements with added weight in the hopes of increasing strength and muscle size for triceps, shoulders, and lats.


5' 8" @ 170.

Dips: sets of 10 BW+100lbs, before i jacked my shoulder.. now i only do BW for high reps.

Pullups: 15 bw easily (never maxed out). I just did 3 with BW+70.