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Dips and Chin-Ups

In most workout plans you are told to do dips and Chin ups. I know these are compound exercises and are good to do but because of my bad shoulder that was dislocated 5 years ago I can’t do these. I can but the shoulder gets inflamated and I get pain for couple of days. Other excercises are fine when lifting heavy.

What exercise could I substitude for dips and which one for chin ups? If not I guess i just need to do isolation exercises and hit those target areas.

Dips can be easily substituted with DECLINE DB BENCH PRESS with palms facing towards each other … As far as Chin Ups go … I am not really sure about … but I guess you can jump up and do Negatives of ChinUps only …

You should probably look into Checking your form and doing some kind of assitance work for the shoulder, Dips and Chinups can be rough but i would assume that if you have problems with them those problems will nag at you later when you go heavier on other exercises.

Dips…for tris: Close Grip BP
for chest: Decline BP

Chins…I am assuming then that you can not do any vertical pull movement…in that regard you are screwed…maybe som HS machines or jsut use other back movements to work help add some back width, but this will be difficult

I agree with Mchron. it happens to me the same problem back in the 90’s when i used to play football… So i start training my shoulders to strengthen the muscle

Again strenghten the external and internal rotators of humerus and work on their flexibility (by elastic bands above else) , it is really bad if you can’t do an vert.pull since it is fundamental movement for back.

Sorry to hijack but I have a similar problem with dips. My right shoulder (rotator cuff specifically) screams when I go full ROM so I took them out last week and have been doing decline BP instead.

To those with more experience, is there any benefit to simply reducing the ROM? The pain is almost absent that way but given I’m not anywhere near upper arms parallel with the floor I can’t imagine I’d gain much.

Anim8 have you tried adjusting your technique so that it doesn’t hurt? My shoulders have always been ‘loose’ (I used to sleep with them subluxated, let alone when they’ve been forced out) so it’s been everything I could do to keep them in place, particularly when lifting.

I love Dips and Chins personally. However if it hurts do them there is as simple answer. Don’t do them. It’s not like you can’t gain weight because you can’t do certain exercises.

To the OP. Dips and Chins aren’t the only compound exercises for the upper body. There are various pressing movements, rowing movements and pulldown movements that can work fine. Figure out what works for you.

I can’t do chins right now because I’ve been straining my neck on them. So I simply am taking a break from them and doing other movements for my back. Try it.

For chins, try crossed-cable pull-downs. I find those to work well. And your arms can be as free as they want because they aren’t holding onto a static bar.