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Dips and Chin-Up PB (Videos)


Here's video's of my Dips and Chin-up Pb's

Dips: 180lbs





that's a serious imbalance right there.


Reverse those and you have what my PB

oh and question, you from the UK?
You guys usually say PB, while we over here say PR, just something I noticed


That's awesome, dude!

You are using some serious weight on the dips, and you don't look really big which makes it even more impressive.


You're saying you can weighted chinup bw+180x2? Last I tried I chinned bw+140x1. And dipped bw+120x3. I think most people can dip a lot more than they can chin though. I know Marvin Eder chinned bw+200x7 and dipped bw+400x7 and he didn't look very "imbalanced".

I think that's really interesting that you did that on a fruitarian diet. I've been vegan myself the last few years and it hasn't hurt me at all.


I never really maxed my dip...90x2 was hard as fuck.

i have maxed my pullup and yes it was 180, probably less now I haven't really trained it with more than 120ish...


Sick numbers man. What are your other main lifts like; I'm just curious how they compare.


Those are good weights and all but your technique seriously sucks.

Your first dip looked fairly controlled, the other wasn't. And why'd you stop at the top? That's only half a rep! You gotta put that last eccentric in.

And those were really bad pull ups. Slow it down, lighten up on the weight and really concentrate on pulling with the lats.


While you're working on your mechanics, try cleaning the garage and watering your lawn.


What do you mean do a last eccentric? he did two eccentric movements and two concentric. Why would he add an eccentric? Wouldn't that be like benching you 2rm and then lowering it back to your chest?


Considering I was only supposed to do one rep of each exercise I know I did well!


It's not my house!


I found that I lost strength and motivation for a while but but that's due to cleaning out my body! but it comes back!


Do you seriously eat nothing other than fruit!? How long have you been doing this for?


Ten years.


That is awesome. My mom is a practicing raw food vegan and is moving toward fruitarianism. I was a raw foodist for about four months 5+ years ago. I was young and foolish so my experience was not a positive one. I felt really great at first and my physique was as lean and muscular as it had ever been for the first month and a half. However, I ended up taking in way too much protein in the form of nuts and too much dried fruit. This ironically resulted in the loss of the muscle mass I worked very hard to build. I now realize that my body could not handle the digestion. If you would care to elaborate more on your diet and experience I would really appreciate it. Last summer I read a book called "Raw Food Propaganda" (written by Joe Alexander) and it re-sparked my interest in such a lifestyle. Currently I am a lacto-ovo with a diet consisteing mainly of eggs, salad, fruit and whey shakes.


awesome work on the dips man. 180 is insane,


Nice work man... my favorite part is the little girl in the second vid dancing while you're busting your ass... reminds me of when I lift with my niece watching. :wink:


HA,HA cool!!


Thanks Sir!!