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Dipping My Toes Into Deepwater

I’m 2 weeks off coming to the end of my current programme. And I’m looking at new programmes. Deepwater is one that’s raved about by a few people. I have the Ebook and have read it. It looks “simple” enough.

10x10 with 70% of your 10 rep max. Over the course of the 6 week training block - reduce your rest periods. Over time (moving from beginner to intermediate and advanced) you try to get all 100 reps out in as few sets as possible.

There are just a few things I’d like to ask.

When the programme says “light" - "light deadlift (technique)” for example. Do I still use 70% of my 10 rep max and monitor the rest periods?

I assume so.

Lunges, Curls, Lateral raises - 3x10 - I assume I just use a challenging weight. No need to stress about it.

I can’t do back extensions and dips (I’m using my makeshift home gym). Is it best to try and sub something in? I’m thinking dumb bell RDL and decline bench.

I don’t have access to enough weight to test my 1 rep max in squat or deadlift. Is it best to guess and then adjust during the first week or two?

Diet - eat LOADS and eat clean. I mean the workouts are insane. 100-200 reps a day.

I know there are a few people in here that have run it. Any other advice is appreciated.e

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I always used less weight than my worksets would have been. Its more to just keep the technique grooved.

You got the right idea on lunges, curls and raises.

I would try push ups with your feet elevated as a dip replacement. Keep it bodyweight. Same with back extensions. Don’t use added weight. Just do some supermans.

Use a training max if you can’t test 1rms. I ended up with that.

And good luck dude!

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Understood. Thanks for the help.

Again looking forward to and dreading this in equal measure.

But it’s not meant to be easy now is it lol…

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They sell geriatric walkers at the thrift store everyday.

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Finished Deep Water yesterday. Before Deep Water and BTM it had been a long, long time since I had done deadlifts and standing OHP, and after 6 weeks - the first two of which I had a bit light of a TM and had to adjust, so I’ll be doing it again - I just went into the gym today and hit lifetime rep PRs on deadlifts and standing OHP - not that the numbers are impressive at all, but it works.

As for the weights, having learned the hard way, you should pick a weight that is heavy enough that:
You want to take all 4 minutes of rest weeks 1-2
You feel like you need more than 3 minutes of rest weeks 3-4
You are genuinely nervous about the concept of only taking 2 minutes of rest weeks 5-6


Yeah - it’s this I’m looking at thinking 120 seconds ain’t long after you’ve already done 80/90 squats.

How long did your workout last? 10 sets with a 4 min rest is easily 50mins on one exercise. I’m thinking with warm up and a few exercises I could be looking at 1 1/2 hours to start with.

1.5 hours was pretty standard. Even at the end with 2 minute rests, you’re spending more time with the bar on your back - easily close to a minute a set, meaning it’s still 30 minutes of work with 2 minute rests. Then you could add on 10 minutes of lying on the ground in a puddle of sweat before the next exercise. I guess it could be done in less, but I never had a workout elapse in less than an hour, I don’t think. Just my experience.


This legit has to be figured into the calculus. The time you “save” with short rests gets spent lying on the floor feeling miserable. Its a wash.


You guys really sell it…


Good luck! I personally enjoyed running the program, but then again, I also ran the program while being very mentally unstable…soooo idk if you’re supposed to “enjoy” it? Lol

I substituted a few things, but as long as you’re getting the reps in, and targeting whatever movements are required, it’s pretty straightforward.

Thank you - I’m REALLY struggling with my current programme (a perverted 20 rep squat thing). And I’m hesitant to take on Deepwater right now. My soul is hurting. I’m hoping that by giving up full body 3 times a week I can start to recover a bit better. Because at the moment I’m in bits.

Quick question. Whilst this is not the programme to try and cut weight with - what was everyone’s experience with weight/fat - gain/loss.

I’ve read a few people say that even on a bulking diet they leaned out a bit.

I added weight, both muscle and fat, but I was the leanest I had ever been at my heaviest bodyweight. Typically, as soon as I get north of 200lbs I get sloppy, but I got past that and didn’t see sloppiness until around 210.

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All I have to add to this thread is today was my first 10X10 deadlift session and it sucked.

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Cool; thanks.

I’m pretty big around the belly already. I might spend a month or two dropping some weight before starting this. I want to give it everything I got. Which means maximum recovery. But I can ill afford anymore “chub”.

How are you finding it?

Even if you kept your diet the same, the increased workload would have you dropping some fat.

Now, if you cleaned up your diet, dropped virtually all carbs, and did Deep Water, I can guarantee you’d lose a good amount of fat.

Do what you want, of course, but the program and diet are meant to maximize fat loss and muscle growth, so anytime you want to start is a good time.

I can’t add anything that hasn’t been said. If you read the book and you weren’t inspired to train harder than you should probably hold off for now.

If all it took to see results was to read a book and get inspired I’d be a 900lb squatting, six pack rocking, Greek God looking mofo.

However here I am, and I have a very real recovery problem. And I dont want to be faced with the compromise of;
Eat enough to recover and get fatter
Dont eat enough, under recover and sell the programme.

This is of course the other option. And one 6 weeks ago I would not of entertained. However in the last few weeks I’ve been forced to be more attentive to my food. Perhaps I just need to step it up again.

My point was when you get to set 8 of deadlifts you will want to quit. If you’re on the fence about it, do another program until the program aligns with your goals.