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Dipping Hips During Deadlifts


"A lifter who dips his hips(before initating the pull) and deadlifts 500lb is weaker than the lifter who does not dips his hips and yet could pull 500lb."

This is true?

So the second lifter can pull more if he dips his hips?

Dipping of hips


I deadlift in my socks too.

No one responded so I figured I would.

Honestly though I have no idea


Whoever lifts less is weaker. It's that simple.


Who the fuck said that?
I have no idea about dipping vs not dipping. I just deadlift the bar. Never really thought about this.


Presumably the dip allows you take advantage of the stretch reflex thus helping you lift more. I don't know how doing this makes you a weaker lifter though. I agree with Wild_Iron_Gym.


Yea. This is about it. Deadlift exactly like the guy in the video. Because his form was awesome.


I can't tell how much of your response is sarcasm. The first part sounds right, but you don't seem like the type of guy who would tell someone to imitate another person's form.


I cant even tell if I am being sarcastic anymore. haha. I wasn't trying to make any of my response sarcastic this time. The form in the video is solid. He gets the slack out, keeps his hips in good posisition, and pulls the weight fast as shit. Thats all you need to do.


who invited the dalai lama to the forum??


Ha I see. You're talking fundamentals. Well, that makes sense. I thought you were saying that we should try to imitate other lifters' form exactly which wouldn't be too smart.


dude, you gotta take into account what federation it was in, did they use straps, color of their deadlift suit, tan or un-tanned... there's so much more than how much weight is on the bar...


I have that T shirt, just sayin.


It's fine to dip it as long as you rip it.


Looks like a pretty solid deadlift to me