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Dipping/Bench Press ?


Is there any relationship between dipping/benching ? I can dip around I can dip around 211 pounds for 8-10 reps (failure) but I can only bench 166(5-6 reps), which is pretty pitiful.

Your thoughts ?


There is a carryover from dips to bench but it all depends on the technique you use for the bench. If you bench using mostly triceps then the dips will actually help with your bench. There are a lot of great articles from Dave Tate that go into proper bench technique. You may want to check out www.elitefts.com for bench articles also.

I hope this helps.


I would say there is no correlation or it depends greatly on the individual.

If I use myself as an example.
I can hardly bench 180 for 5 reps and I can do dips for 5 reps with bodyweight + additional 110 (so total weight including bodyweight is 260).

I think there is more correlation with decline bench and dips because I can decline bench way more than I can bench and also because the movements are more similar...so those who can arch more (and I am not one of them) could probably get more out of dips.

But I like dips more anyway so who cares what you can bench :slightly_smiling:


Dipping only helps your lockout on the bench.


Only if you don't take dips through the full ROM... There's a LOT of pec and shoulder recruitment in a full dip.

Most people just have poor dip form.



I agree. How low are you taking these dips?

Dips are a very subjective exercise, unless you have a criteria where maybe the top of the shoulder must go below the top of the elbow.



True, but if you're using dips to improve your bench you're hurting yourself with too much shoulder rotation and besides, there are other exercises more beneficial to your bench.


Such as...?


Close Grip presses, Floor Presses, Low Board Presses, Dynamic Effort Bench Presses, Heavy Dumbell Presses, Decline Presses, Incline Presses, Pause Bench Presses, Illegal Wide Presses, I can only think of these for now...


Dips are a great compound exercise. So is bench. They do complement each other and do largely work the same muscles. To what degree is irrelevent. Both are good exercises to do.


I used most of those as well as weighted dips for my bench routine that I got from a world class bencher (4th in the world) and any form of dumbell work was specifically NOT used because he didn't believe that there's enough bench strength carryover with dumbells.

Weighted dips were part of my assistance work with floor presses and close grip bench.

As for the original question, my weighted dip is approx. equal to my decline bench. I weigh 180 and use a 105db for 5X5 weighted dips and use 275 for 4X6 with declines.

My regular bench is slightly higher than my decline and I think that's only because I only started declining about 2-3 months ago.


Could you expand on what you mean here? I have no idea what you're trying to say.

I do agree that there are other exercises more specific to the bench press, but if you're not a competitive powerlifter, it's a good idea to switch up your motor patterns so you don't experience overuse injuries. It's a good idea for powerlifters too, just maybe not dips.