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Dipping Belt


Can anyone recommend a good dipping belt and where I could buy one? Thanks


I've always liked the leather ones personally. Something like this




"thanks for noting the typo"


I think he means www.ironmind.com


if you work out at home you could use a backpack if you have a decent one

works for me at least


I have used the one Ironmind sells for the last couple of years, it doesn't have the old leather and chain look to it, but it works great, and the strap is long enough to let even big plates hang down and not be stuffed into your crotch (a problem with the belt at my gym).


I do that sometimes but I find that it doesn't quite center the weight the way a belt does. So, i decided to try looping a plate into my pant belt, and it worked super. Just a little awkward to waddle around with a plate strapped to your crotch.


i have an off topic question for everyone. I have been workin out everyother day for a while now, and i always drink a few protein shakes before and after each workout, and im never sore the next day. If im not sore could i lift again that day or should i always take a day off after a full body workout?


If you already have a weight belt get a length of chain at home depot and one quick release clip(also at HD) and there you go....loop it around the buckle.



It's just a dipping belt.

Why not find the cheapest one available?

That's what I did. I think it was one of the first (if not the first) search result with google.

Around $20ish I think.


I went really cheap really cheap with my belt. I bought some heavy chain and a clasp from the hardware store for 6 or 7 bucks and loop it through an old lifting belt (that I got for free, btw).

It's not pretty but it does the job very well.


First post. Biggest, most blatant hijak ever.


Alan at APT "Prowriststraps.com/store" makes a great dipping belt for $27. It's nylon, washable, and has a long chain and quick release. I have used mine for about 8 months now and it shows no sign of wear. here is the link. also, if you use code BUDDY, it should give you 10-15% off your total.


Good Luck


There's one hanging on the rack at my gym. 6months ago I saw a guy using it and I thought how cool that would be to do a dip with much more weight hanging between my legs. I don't shy away from dips or pullups any more because I realize how important they are. My first post is here because six months ago I thought about how cool I would be to dip with weight and today I did and I was f'n jacked up when I got done. So now there are three guys at my gym that use it and me which makes 4


Thanks for the info. I just bought a belt off the recommendation you gave. Also, I put in the code and it was just about enough of a discount to cover shipping.

And I'd like to also thank everyone who replied to the thread.


I don't about any of you, but I always preferred dipping with a dumbbell in between my feet. It feels like I get more of a centered downward pull.


get a normal heavy belt and a chain and a clip of some sort not sure what they are called though work pretty good