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Diphenhydramine as an Adrenergic Resensitizer?

Hey CT,

I heard you talking about Phenadryl as a adrenergic resensitizer.

Since I’m from Germany and you can buy it legally prescription free and I’m in search of a new sleeping pill (got a bad adverse reaction to my last) for the really stressful days, would that be a good option? Given that I’m not allergic and don’t overdo it. I’m aware of the side effects.

And if you don’t mind: how does it work?

Have a good week!

I honestly have no experience with it. I know that some bodybuilders use it to stay sensitive to clenbuterol (which could indicate an action on the adrenergic receptors). But it is not something I’m comfortable recomanding.

This is the same ingredient in over the counter benadryl antihistamine. You can get 500 count for 2.99 here. And it does work as a sleep aid if your stressed out and if used occasionally. You will be groggy if you wake up in the middle of the night on it, but generally feel rested and alert the next day.

A bodybuilder told me in a post on this site about 15 years ago that it resensitized people to adrenaline (or particularly to “reset” after being on an ephedra based stack). It may do that a little, but IMO if you take it more than a couple times a week it makes it HARDER to sleep without it-restless leg type symptons. 1 tablet only at night 1-2 times a week is the max or you may start to experience troubled sleep without it. It DOES help you basically stop overthinking or feeling stressed if you take 1 at bedtime.

Thanks. Appreciate you sharing it. I’ll use it once a week for now. Think I’m gonna try it on Saturday.

I think if I’m sleeping on 7 nights a week, a lot of the issues will solve itself.