Dip form for chest...

I seem to have trouble leaning over during dips…I always seem to “straighten up” after I dip,how can I maintain strict form(leaning at an angle) during dips? Is there a technique u all use? Tips?

Are you trying “Gironda dips”? Put your chin against your chest. Keep your feet out in front of you & bend or curve your upper body forward. It’s hard to write it like I’m doing. A great book to get is the one with Vince Gironda & what’s his face who owns MuscleMag. GREAT book!

Hang some weight with a dipping belt. Bodyweight dips are kind of useless anyways. It’s like benching with an empty bar. Work up to adding at least 75% of your bodyweight to the dip.


Thanks Greg but I am sure u realize that I want to get the form right first before even daring to add weight…so pls everyone else,pls teach me the correct dip FORM…

Oh,thanks Benny.I dunno what the heck it’s called but I know the way u do a dip determines whether u work chest more or triceps more.

And I keep hearing ppl here are like “Oh,dips rule for chest!” so I wanna try it…been doing it for triceps only so far.

Actually, I don’t know what all the hoopla over dips vs bench is about. Do both! (but not in the same workout) For me, tri’s are the failure point in dips, and chest for bench (I use dumbells). In dips, I think if you bring your elbows out (as I think you need to do to load the chest more), you risk the delts more so than in benching. Just my personal experience. But to answer your question, you will straighten up a lot at the top of the dip movement. Tucking your chin down can help. Don’t bend your legs back (as a lot of people tend to do). If you’re using dip bars that flare out, try going a little narrower with your grip (moving in on the bars). If you have access to V-bars for dipping, that could give you a whole new perspective on the movement – having to balance with your hands in front of you will teach you the forward lean by necessity.

I am the biggest fan of dips you will find and I see no diff if you lean forward or not, forget the idea of tri’s vs. pecs, the movement is the same and you work the same muscles either way, how ever you are stronger is how you should do them, OVERLOAD the body and you grow (as long as you have propper rest and nutrition) we lean forward and we “feel it” more in the pecs but it works he pecs no more or less than being upright. if you are stronger upright (as I am) than do them that way and do not worry about it. peace

Thanks Hetyey,I definitely am much stronger upright and can add good amount of weight.
I will continue upright.