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Dip Belts


I've been using one I made out of a pool noodle with a length of chain running through it and have tested it up to 100lbs with pull ups. Is there any point in buying one of the high priced ones (IronMind, Spud Inc, etc), or is the only difference in comfort?


The pool noodle is going to disintegrate at some point. Other than that, no. I used a camping strap for a long time since my gym had no belt and I had to pack light - even that worked well up to 60lbs or so. Judo belts are another alternative.

Keep in mind that the really pricy ones are built to be used in a gym setting, so multiple times every single day. If you are the only one using your equipment, it will suffer a lot less abuse.


I don’t find dip belts particularly comfortable anyway, at least not the ones in my gym. The front of the belt/chain pulls kinda painfully on my front hip bone anyway, so I’d say if what you’re using is working why change?

Then again, I don’t think belts are all that expensive and last a long time.


The Ironmind one is nice because it weighs practically nothing, so if you’re hauling a big gym bag around or flying somewhere, it takes weight off. Otherwise though, a length of heavy duty chain will hold up to a lot of abuse.


I was thinking of upgrading because they seem to get great reviews, but at $70+ it doesn’t seem worth it. Longevity would probably be the main thing, but the cheap chain in my pool noodle belt is rated up to 200 lbs which is more than enough for my purposes, and considering the whole thing cost me about $12 I could remake it several times over for the cost of one Ironmind/Spud belt. I don’t travel often so the weight of it isn’t a big issue. I guess they are marketed more towards gyms rather than individuals.


A simple piece of cotton webbing with a d-ring sewn on each end works for me. Been using it for years.