Dip Belt

Where can I pick up a good belt w/ a chain online for weighted dips and chins? My old gym closed down and I need to pick one up as the gay YMCA does not have one. Thanks,


Joel, if you’re looking for something FAST, order one from DPS nutrition. I have one I ordered from there and so far I’ve had about 125 on there with no break.

I'll be honest and say I expect to to give eventually; it's quality isn't the best. Howevver, you can probably just pick one up at a Modell's or other Sporting Goods store.

Dicks sporting goods. dpsnutrition.com Just type in weight lifting equiptment and see what comes up.

Ironmind.com sells a great dip belt and a hip squat belt.

Jesup Gym & Equipment
PO Box 562
Jesup Ia 50648
The guy who owns this gym/warehouse is a great person. A friend and I used to drive a half an hour from our college just to train there. You can see the belt here. http://cgi.ebay.com/ ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ViewItem&item=1862139508
I think if you just call they would just place your order without the ebay bidding…

I just use a regular lifting belt with a short piece of sturdy chain attached to the metal buckle with a clip. Seems to work fine.

Joel, I have used climbing webbing in the past. The stuff is made to hold 6000 lbs., even though it’s 1" tubular webbing. Just use that and a carabiner, and you’ll be set. Of course a belt might be easier, but if you have an outdoor store available, this will definitely work.

Thanks guys, I picked a leather one up today from Home Gym Warehouse. How’d I know that I was going to get some innovative suggestions from this group? :slight_smile:

I’ll be honest with you, I use a laptop bag. I kid you not! Basically you can get 2 100lbs olympic weights in there and it will still support it! At least the one I have, these things are built Tough! I just strap it across my shoulder and lift!