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Dip Belt Help

Hey everyone, I need to purchase a dip belt as my gym doesn’t have one. I was looking on ebay and there seems to be some pretty good deals, but I don’t know anything about dip belts, so if anyone has any experience or knows any good brands, leave me a comment. Here is the links:



This one. I don’t think it’s necessary to get a fancy leather one. Just my thinking others I’m sure will have a different view. The nylon one will do the job.

BUT don’t put it on like this!


1)connect one end of the chain to a loop
2)then around the weight
3)then go through the other loop
4)connect the other end of the chain to the loop that the beginning of the chain is connected to.
It will sit better on your hips and will not slide down your ass/off your waist.

I bought a nylon one about 3 years ago for 30 bucks and its stood the test of time.

5 ft of chain from Home Depot, 1 carabiner

[quote]TheDudeAbides wrote:
5 ft of chain from Home Depot, 1 carabiner [/quote]

yeah about $10 & less shit to carry around in the gym and you can more or less only use this for dips and chins If you already have a good powerbelt simply run the chain around the belt and there you go. If you don’t have a good powerbelt buy one with the money you were going to spend on his dip belt.(Inzer forever belt 10mm = $65)