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Dip Attachments?


I currently workout at my home gym. I'm looking for a dip attachment to add to my equipment. I've got a standard olympic bench and a squat rack set up that I can potentially attach a dip station to. I've done a Google search and have found a couple of potential candidates. I was hoping some of the posters here might have some first hand experience with some of these, or other, dip attachments.

Here is one Rack Mounted:

Possibly something like this Bench Mounted (I've seen two versions)

Any input would be appreciated.


Mine is like this:


Basically two bars I shove through the holes in the power cage safety bar. I use a bodysolid cage, so yours may not be set up in the same way.


Thanks, blue9steel. I actually came across that one as well, but unfortunately my cage has no holes on the safety bar.

Anyone created their own dip station?


Unfortunately I'm poor so I created my own dip station.

One hand on desk, one on chair--high enough to get full ROM. The external weight comes via my backpack. College kids gotta be resourceful.

The ones at the rec are awesome, just two straight bars bolted into the wall, real old school but awesome.

Can't go wrong with any 'dip station' though, as long as you can do dips.


I have an Ironmaster Super Bench with the dip attachment. It works great.


I also recommend the Ironmind Vulcan Squat rack for those of you looking for the ability to bench, squat, chin, dip, etc. They take up very little room and are adjustable for a variety of exercises. You can purchase the additional attachments so you can perform dips and chins.

The Vulcan Squat racks are not cheap, but they are very strong and very high quality. You can also purchase some that are similar in design from New York Barbell or Body Solid for less money than the Ironmind ones and they work just as well.

My Olympic lifter friend has a pair of racks from Body Solid. He loves them and lifts in the 230-450lb range with snatches, cleans, benches and squats and the racks have held up very well. I think he paid $150 for the Body Solid ones that look like the Vulcan Racks.


I came across a very simple set-up using my squat rack - I got this elsewhere on the internet. Put the safety bars thru the rack holes at a level above where your hands hang naturally. Put 2 dumbbell collars on each safety bar - place a barbell between the collars and another barbell at the ends of the safety bars - or use 2 more dumbbell collars. Space the barbells at the width you need and cinch up the collars to hold the bar(s) in place - and dip away.


For dips, we use two pipes laid parallel across the rack's pins. We hold the pipes in place with small bungee cords. This works great and is cheap. Also, since the pipes aren't fixed the width can be adjusted. To adjust the width, just put a barbell with plates on the pins next to one of the pipes, the smaller the plate the wider the grip.


That's the Vince Gironda way!!



I've got these. They are a cheaper option if you like handles.