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Dinosaurs, Renegades, StrongMen, Oh My!

Just got done beatin’ the ol’ tire with the sledge for the very first time. How kickass is this?! Earlier this week it was sprints, farmers walks, and pressing heavy, misshapen scrap iron overhead for reps. Soon cometh the jumprope!

Dinosaur/Renegade/Strongman training kicks ass.

Totally Kickass. I’m a student at IU Bloomington, and there is a gym about amile from my house (The Iron Pit – I think Brider used to lift there)… they have a BIG ol’ tractor tire in the back behind the gym… I’m seriously considering ditching a lot of supplement stuff in favor of affording a membership. The gym at school just doesn’t do it.

Remember when you and Groove were here and we discussed “this”? You know, how in gyms you’ll see all this high tech equipment or machines? And how we’re instead flipping tires, swinging sledgehammers, pulling sleds instead? Wild! And much more fun!

Oh, damn. Thanks you two, I completely forgot about the tire flipping! That’s alright, I’ve got some nice lookin’ tractor tires behind the house I’m gonna go size up…

I do tire flips ,farmerwalksAnd med ball tosses at my WMCA . Get some odd looks from the joggers and soccer parents. No one asks any questions though.

Franks, I belonged to the Iron Pit last year. This place totally kicks ass. They are all pretty hardcore, heavy lifting, great atmosphere. If you can afford it, I highly recommend it. I will probably join there again in March. I work there for about 6 months.

Ike, next time try the farmers walk with the misshapen rock extended over your head. Adds a whole new dimension of fun. Just be careful! :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it is as good as it looks. Definitely no hints of B.S. around that place (well, except the myoplex for sale… with a regrettable lack of Biotest products - I’m still looking for a supplier around bloomington/indy)