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Dinosaur Training


Could I find the information in the book on the internet? Is it worth buying? What does it teach?


Check Ironmind.com

Google search for Dinosaur Training.

My assumption: Alot of strongman type training, hard work, NO MACHINES, and more hard work. Just google it. You'll learn about excercises like Bent Press.


I received a copy for my birthday last year. Just had a chance to start reading it.

It pretty much covers all of the above...and sandbag training, training with thick bars, kegs, barrels, etc. Basically, old school ways to get bigger and stronger. And it has routines and other info too.

Good read. Add it to your collection. Get it from Ironmind.com.


According Internet legend the first edition contained an entire chapter on machines. Kubik had a major hard-on for Hammer Strength machines, Bill Starr questioned his Dinosaur-ness and Kubiks removed the chapter.

I would have respected Brooks more if he didn't compromise his book. Reading about how to train with sandbags, barbells AND machines would be more interesting.

FYI Brooks has renounced weight training and has jumped on the bodyweight only bandwagon.

Give him a few years an he will reinvent Maxalding.


Well, there's your answer, OP. Hurry up and buy. Get me a copy to. Or better yet, Nate Green, make me a copy.


I'm not dissing the information in the book.

It's really pretty basic, he advocates full body workouts based around compound lifts.

He basicly compiles several old-school strongman methods into one book, even methods he doesn't personally use. The chapter on "Death Sets" outlines a routine very much like HIT training.

I would reccomend Bill Starr's book, The Strongest Shall Survive, over Dinosaur Training.


Agree. Bill Starr's book is way ahead of its time. It's A+ for info on training like a beast.


Dino training is one of my favorite books. I keep my copy at the gym I run and get every new member of staff to read it because it goes against everything they've learnt on fitness courses.

If you read this site on a regular basis then you probably won't learn that much but what it lacks in cutting edge info it makes up in entertainment.

Call me a heretic if you like but sometimes I don't feel like reading Supertraining!

Regards Chris


Someone give me the money and buy me a copy. Cheap bastards.

Bill Starr "Strongest Shall Survive"


I've read Starr and I've read Kubrick. Starr is a much better author, better and getting his ideas across. I think he's a better dude too based off some video of him that Atomic Athletic sells.
Get Dinosaur Training if you are just itching to buy something but it gets really old really fast. You want to learn his ideas, subscribe to his blog. He doesn't do weights anymore but the concepts are the same. Everything you have already read here. Go heavy, go hard then go home. Total body, minimal use of standard barbells and dumbbells. That's it.