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Dinosaur Training

Anybody read this book? Any thoughts or opinions? Is it worth buying? I know the basic premise of the book…hard training, old-time lifts, etc., but wanted to get some opinions. Thanks.

Great book and worth having in your library. Lot of cool stuff in there on training, mental toughness. The book is enjoyable to read.

I just picked it up and have read about a third of it. So far, so good. It has valuable points and presents a method of training that is reasonable and a valid option. More details as I finish it.

Can’t imagine a better purchase for a lifter. It’s not only a very fun read, but has also radically altered my approach to lifting (and I’m an old-timer, having been at this stuff for over 3 decades). One caveat…if your in lifting purely for bodybuilding, you might want to look elsewhere. Dinosaur Training, while certain to produce overall mass gains, is far more applicable to T-folks interested in functional power.

Thanks for the input guys. I think I’ll get the book. I always liked Kubik’s articles when he wrote for Hardgainer.