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Dinosaur Training

It was a long time ago, but I remember reading - here on the forum - a suggestion about a book entitled something like “Dinosaur Training”…?..? In it, evidently, there was something about closing out the workout with, say, strolling around the gym with dumbells in each hand or something (I know that’s common and all, I’m just trying to pique someone’s memory…)? I don’t remember who posted it or anything, but if anyone knows what book I think I’m talking about, please speak up and let me know what it is! Thanks… -Dan

Yeah Dinosaur Training is what it’s called. & farmer’s walks is when you grab 2 dumbells or special farmer’s bars & walk with them. You HAVE to get Dinosaur Training & read it about 1000 times. Get it at www.brookskubik.com No other book (& I’ve read a lot) has influenced my training so much.

Drax is exactly right!!! I think Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik is THE best training book out there. He also has a monthly newsletter called Dino Files that is awesome as well!!

For raw power it is one of the best. If you like that also checkout Rock Iron Steel by steve justis ~sp? You can buy it at ironmind. Ironmind has a lot of great weight geek stuff. Good luck. Hey man how do you get on that newsletter?

I do take the db’s for a walk about 3 times a week, it’s called the farmers walk,and i like it quite a lot. I do it as renegade training, but i think what your refuring to is dino training by brooks kubrick (sp) he has a web site but I can’t find it.
Good luck

I think it is one of the best books. Brooks Koobik is a strong opponent of periodisation, so I think his methods of training can be greatly augmented by westside ideas. He basically advises doing max day every time. No mentioning of speed day.

ANother great book to get is by Bud jefferies “Twisted Conditioning”. It is alot like Brooks philosophy, but he adds in combat exercises to his routines.
I dont think Brooks is aganist periodization per say. I dont think he feels you have to hit a new max of every exercise on each training day. he has stated in his Dino Files about heavy/light days.

brooks is an arrogant S.O.B. i known him personally years ago. i wouldn’t believe anything he writes. you all who do love his training/guidence… you’ve been warned… be carefull

Why is Brooks an arrogant sob? In DT he just compiles all the different ways the oldtimers trained & got unbelievably huge & strong before steroids got developed. Then in the last 1/3 of the book he put in so much motivational stuff you think you can do anything you want. WHat does he do that makes him such a jerk?

Wow, guys. Awesome. …And I thought that question would be a long shot :wink: Anyways, Thanks a lot!

i knew brooks for years. worked out in the same gym. i just don’t like people who are know-it-alls. i’ve seen him train a lot, it wasn’t any different than the average guy. i think he came up with all these ideas on his own or stole them from someone else. this guy had more bench pressing shirts than i had underwear. (we all know how we dog people for using lifting straps and knee wraps, but can you imagine a person who wears one of those bench pressing shirts all the time ???)… i just am not interested in his books. i’d rather listen to some people on this forum who are genuinly intelligent, respectable people. (little side note: i remember awhile back that he tried to convince me that doing behind-the-neck barbell presses involves your upper chest. i called bullshit on him and he made me watch his chest move while he did the movement. i told him that his chest was moving just because it was along for the ride while your arms moved up and down.) you all can read what you want, and if it works great for you, then more power to you !.. but i can’t recommend anything this guy says just because i don’t like him. i wonder why Brooks hasn’t ever popped his head in this forum ??? i’ve never seen him in any type of forum !!.. you might want to ask yourself “why”?..when i ask myself “why”, it’s because i think he thinks he wouldn’t learn anything of value and a waste of time, which is bull shit… (heck, if he did come into this site, and sees my Podge name, he could figure out pretty quickly who i might be.)

No one is saying do this form of training only for christ sake. As with anything take the good leave the rest. Odd implement lifting has a place in all training even body building. The nice thing about the book is it gives you ideas from the past. You are right on the money that most of the ideas in the book are from ol’school lifters… Anyway maybe you need to open your mind a bit get rid of the anger it only hurts you. Rage is never a visionary. Granted he may be a total ass… That doesn’t mean he has no worth. Hell I learn as much about what not to do as what to do from a-holes. I guess what I am saying is personallity asside the book has some good training advice.

i value a person’s character as much as his knowledge.

Brooks goes on Andy’s Old School forum & he helps out most people, especially when they ask specifically for him. I don’t think he’s ever come across as a jerk.