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Dinosaur Training: Where To Purchase

Ok, I was able to find the rocks, bags, etc easily and inexpensively. Howeve,r I’m having dificulty locating an inexpensive power rack, and thick bars etc. Any help appreciated. Thanks

Well, where do you workout? If it’s at a gym, and they don’t have power racks, change gyms. If it’s at home, how do you do squats without a rack? Cheapest home solution would be a pair of adjustable sawhorses. Then start all your lifting from the bottom.
For thickbars, look at 1.5" pipe SCH40 or SCH80 (actual dimaeter is 1.90"). You can slip a 2" pipe over that for an even thicker grip (actual = 2.38"). You’ll have to make collars for the 1.9", since most spring collars won’t be tight enough.


Greg, Just the man I gots the ideas from in the first place. I have a rack with the pins that I have been using for squats. It just keeps the weight from pinning me to the floor if I falter. That is it. Not very safe I know. What is this about a pipe? buy a pipe and put it over my bar. or buy the pipe as a bar and make collars for it? Confused.

Go to Home Depot, and get 7’ of galvanised 1.5" pipe. Use it as a bar. Make inside and outside collars. It’ll hold alot.


In my opinion dinosaur training is one of the best books ever written about strength training. The strength gains I have achieved from Kubik’s princibles have been amazing. I was unable to find a cheap commercial thick bar or dumbells. I ended up paying quite a decent amount for Iron Mind products. I did purchase a power rack relatively inexpensively. I got mine from Deltech Fitness for $385 which includes shipping. Their URL is http://www.deltechfitness.com/ It is good up to 1000lbs. I am 5’9" and when I do military press partials in the rack I can just barely lockout. If you are tall you may have problems. Good luck.

Knuckledagger, congrats on becoming a Dino. Goto newyorkbarbells.com for a 2 inch thick barbell. I bought mine there for $40!! Even cheaper than making one myself, and it isnt flimsy or weak at all. They also have 2 kinds of power racks there for $300 to 400 and I know for a fact that they will customize the equipment for you if you need. Also fractionalplates.com sells lots of 2 to 3 inch thick bars (even a 4 inch bar), and they have plans on releasing a power rack soon that looks real nice for a hom gym. The guys at fractionalplates (PDA) are awesome, bought lots of stuff through them. Sadly I dont have room for a power rack, so I have Ironminds Squat Rack with there pillars of power safety racks (check them out too if you dont have alot of space), but when I move and do get enough room, PDA is where I am getting my power rack from. But that 2 inch bar, goto new york barbells, $40!!! Everywhere esle they are at least $100.

or you could get some EZ grips which attach to bars

I’m impressed that you just responded to a 4 year old post.