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Dinnie Deadlift and Block Press Training

Hey everyone, got an event coming up that features a Dinnie Deadlift (assuming a simulation) and a Block Press. Of course, I have neither of these in my basement.

Block is being custom fabbed for the event (rad), I’m thinking a combo of sandbag presses and keg presses to train for this given the equipment I have.

For the Dinnie, I don’t really want to buy loading pins. I’m thinking either throwing some straps and rings around a bar and doing Jefferson deads, which would exclude the separate nature of the loading, or trying to build something out of cheap plumbing.

Any thoughts?

You could make some $10 loading pins with a 2" pipe nipple, a flange and an eyebolt. Might be worth the investment. Could use those same pins to train the block press.

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Plan tomorrow is to hit the hardware store and try to piece something together.

Sounds like the idea is locking the plates down on the pin with a collar and then using the plate itself to simulate the block?

I don’t know what the DL thing is but. I just did my first strongman comp. First event was a max block. It sucks. Bad. But one dude there pressed a 350lb block. It was absolutely insane. That being said you could probably just get a couple sacks of concrete and make a block to practice with.

You got it. Just more awkward stuff to press.

Figured it’ll suck, watched a couple videos of dudes lifting blocks and it looks miserable. Goal on the pressing events is always to just not 0, so we’ll see.

Right on, I’ll play around with it this weekend. My girlfriend, being awesome, ordered me a couple loading pins when she overheard me talking about building them.

I’ll have to find some kind of use for them going forward to justify the purchase.

I’ve seen people recommend using bumper plates on loading pins to simulate stones.