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This is one my favorite dinners.

Chicken breast
Baked potato
Couple tablespoons of hummus

Easy to prepare, clean eating, and tasty!

If no hummus around...I'll pull a Ronnie Coleman and add ketchup to my potato and bbq sauce to my chicken.

This is a staple for me. How about you guys?

ps: yes I know im missing veggies..I hate my veggies but I manage to eat spinach or broccoli at least once a day.

Pss: Prof X- I know I should be eating double this amount!


That looks like a snack to me ...


Yeah, honestly, if that were my nightly dinner, I'd look like a consumptive. Whatever works for you though.


Unless this was the appetizer, or you are dieting, that looks like a promotion for ending world hunger. Obviously, my mother was right. I shouldn't leave those scraps on my plate because somewhere on the other side of the world, someone would consider that a whole meal.


My dog eats more than that.


If you can see the bottom of your plate you know you're not eating enough :stuck_out_tongue:


that picture was NOT actual size.....kidding ofcourse

those were funny posts.....

that was about a 600 calorie meal...1 of 6 meals.

Ill try for a bigger version tomorrow.

Prof-x I would love to see a pic of one of your meals....does it take the half your kitchen table????

and yes I am skinny but not that skinny....here is a back pic of me stretching taken today I posted under a different subject...


That's 600 calories? I don't believe it. If you eat six 600 calorie meals, then I'd say that's OK, but I simply don't believe it.


3 oz. serving of chicken breast is about 140 calories...hard to tell how much is in that serving since you cut it up.

1 baked potato is about 220 calories with skin on and nothing added.

2 tablespoons of hummus is about 60 calories. If that is a 6 oz. serving of chicken breast, then yeah, he's right up around 600 calories with that meal.

But that is a terrible meal--hardly any fat, too much carbs, zero fiber. Dude, you have to add some veggies. The I don't like veggies excuse is so lame--if you don't like them, then learn how to cook them (and there are plenty of ways to cook them that still keep them fairly clean and healthy).


thanks for the good response.

okay ill add some veggies and put a tablespoon of olive oil on them....also I do take 6 fishpills with this meal...

too much carbs though? okay ill cut it in half.


I love hummus. I mix 1-2 tsp of olive oil in with 3-4 tbs of the stuff, makes it even tsatier.
I usually eat it which chicken, and a little rice or some steamed veggies. Works pretty well for me :slight_smile:


ha ha... looks like my 7 year old's plate! Especially w/ the chicken all cut up :wink:
Just teasin'

Are nutrient combining? P&C or P&F???

Also, when did you eat that meal? Post workout? I guess I should read up on your history.... whether you're bulking or dieting.

Yes definately add green veggies...


I don't eat chicken or potatoes. Don't like them and don't find them nutritionaly dense. That last bit is more fact than opinion. Decent meal for me is a load of steamed brocolli and carrots with leeks, some organic salmon or trout or some lean beef or sometimes not so lean lamb. I don't advocate eating red meat for getting cut the fat content is higher and sometimes hard to determine.

With this I might have baked beans, green beans and or corn on the cob. If I was eating it at lunch I might have a laod of pineapple after with some natural yoghurt when I want more carbs / protein.

That meal in the pic, with respect is demoralising, reminds me of weighing out your food and ending up with sod all to eat and walking round with an empty stomach.



Why don't you post one of your competition pictures? I've seen them, and you looked pretty damn good to me!


Anyone grill their veg besides steaming (if you don't crucify it in pan of boiling water?). I can recommend grilled peppers, leeks and parsnips. Carrots and brocolli aren't so good as can be imagined. Just an idea for those bored of steamed. Though I'd not grill them all the time.


I'll bite (pardon the pun!) - I have at few tricks up my sleeve for making steamed veggies taste amazing. Basically, it all comes down to sauces. You can make them high or low calorie, depending on your goals.

If you're bulking, there's nothing better than a guacamole-based sauce. Add whatever spices you want, some garlic, olive oil, salt. Coconut milk is good too. I personally like spices, so I tend to add high-antioxidant stuff like turmeric, cayenne, ginger, oregano, garam masala (an Indian spice blend)... stuff like that. If you want to thicken it, grind some flax seed and dessiccated, unsweetened coconut, and add that. You can also add arrowroot flour or guar gum (which I haven't tried personally but keep meaning to).

If you want to keep the calories lower there are a few options. Tomato sauce is the simplest - you can make it taste less boring and tomato-y by using a small amount, adding water and lots of spices, and the ground flax/coconut. Personally, I'm still not a huge fan of tomato sauce though.

So here's where I get freaky by making my own sauce from scratch. I put a boatload of carrots in my food processor and slice 'em up small, then steam them, then process them into a puree. I add salt and a touch of coconut oil, and then I have a base for a sauce. I freeze it so I don't have to do this often (takes 20 minutes or so maybe once a month). You can also use cauliflower instead of carrot (I get so many cruciferous veggies that I prefer to use the carrot for variety).

Anyway, you can use this carrot puree as a base for a good sauce - it's more neutral-tasting than tomato. If you want to add spices, I recommend adding them to the sauce before you mix it into the veggies (also, adding spices stretches the sauce and thickens it, so you use less, which is ideal if you're cutting).

Steam your veggies, mix this stuff in (you don't need to use much - amount will depend on your calorie restrictions, serving sizes, personal taste etc.), add water if you want, thicken it a bit with the ground flax/coconut, and voila. Steamed veggies are no longer boring.

If I made this seem complicated, it's really not - either that or I'm just so used to cooking this way that I'm totally out of touch with reality!

It's amazing how creative you can get when you challenge yourself to eat clean AND make your food taste great.


Sure TC...

Eating like I wrote above and interspacing those meals with protein shakes got me in this kind of shape.

But I am always looking to improve so thanks for "most" of the suggestions!


I'ma uge fan of grilling. kabobs, loaded with veggies and chick'n. Of course these are made hours in advance. Brush on a little olive oil.mmmmmmmmmmmm


Great pic, you are pretty damn cut there.

There is also the Vege's raw or Vege's cooked debate. At least in Brocolli sulforaphane and Indole 3 Carbinol have their metabolites found in urine of those who pigged out on cooked brocolli, so it's not losing much of the good stuff when cooked.

Some studies show that sulforaphane is found in much much higher concentrations in brocolli sprouts than the crowns also.

There is this other veg that's popular its a hybrid of brocolli and kale, mostly called tenderstem which steams really nicely and is similarly high in phytochmeicals.