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Dinner Discussion Between Immortals From Mount Testosterone

(Ares)…the key is, yes you perform only 1 quasi isometric partial range assisted negative per set, but you do this for a total of 500 sets.

(Eros)I like it, but one question. Which direction is considered the negative, going in or coming out?

(Paris) What about TEMPO! Can I count one ba-na-na two ba-na-na three ba-na-na on the eccentric?

(Hephestus) No, you’ll ruin the ketogenic effect. Remember low carbs.

(Baccus)Try one sa-la-mi two sa-la-mi.

(Paris) But I wanted to count one
ba-na-na two ba-na-na

(Hephestus) If you don’t “Eat Breakfast” first, then don’t ask me about nutrition. Anyway, as stated clearly in the “T Rex testoste-nads man-ee-man-man diet” , the low carbs should lead to a supression of Pandora X initiating factor leading to negative inhibition of the Hero gland… …and provide feeling of satiety (fullness).

(Paris) I’m going to kick the crap out of you with a 4-2-x tempo. Here I go! One ba-na-na two…

(Eros) Has anyone ever tried a XXX tempo with this? Is it OK to slip into an XXX tempo at the end?

(Aphrodite) Since were talking about low carbs, I have a question about, well, let’s just say, “cottage cheese”

Dinner ends.