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Ding-Dong-Ditch? Shotgun to the Back.



Ah, Kentucky. I had several ridiculous headlines to choose from this week, but I thought this one best represented just how WHAT THE FUCK?! this state is. It's worth noting that this is a well-to-do neighborhood.


that guy looks friggin crazy


^^ probably from all the zercher lifts.


I hate kids as much as the next misanthrope but that's one hell of an overreaction.



Kids are assholes, but shotguns never really cross my mind as a way to deal with them.


They were trespassing ringing doorbells at age 12? Are you shitting me?

Sounds like public service.


Guess he won't have to worry about trick-or-treaters this year :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, because people are usually well adapted mature adults by the age of 12.

0 __ o


Meh. I say the kid got off easy. This would've been the response, had he left a flaming bag of poo.


Apparently the dude was waiting in the bushes for them and shot him before he even rang the doorbell.


I'll probably get jumped on for this but I don't see any problem here.

'He has 50 pellet wounds'

  • Clearly it wasn't 00 buck or anything.


Some of the comments in the newspaper are ridiculous, even justifying the ambush because they may grow into criminal teenagers that will be shooting people at 20.

People with that mentality are as dangerous as the psycho with the shotgun.


When I was growing up outside Chattanooga, the thing there was to reload 12ga with rock salt, for use on TPers, vandals, etc. Then some chick shot and killed a teenager who was rolling her yard, with rock salt. I'm all for punishing stupidity, but damn. At least turn the hose on em, or loose the hounds.

besides, that guy has "Get off my Lawn!" written all over his face.


How do you kill someone with rock salt?

Point blank to the face?


That's what I was wondering. Also, gamekeepers and farmers have used birdshot to shoot kids stealing apples and poachers in the arse for generations. It's a tradition. The removal of the pellets and the not sitting down for months provide a very effective deterrent.


WTF is the matter with people? Don't they have BB guns and high power quiet pellet guns in Kentucky. You can shoot the fuckers from the bushes and they'll never be able to spot you.


Ever read The Lottery?


Don't recall the particulars, just that she shot the chick with rock salt. Maybe it stuck together as a slug, IDK, or maybe it was really close range. Either way, pretty messed up IMO. I could live with having shot some loser who broke into my home, but having killed a teenager simply because they were rolling my yard? I'd probably have a good case of the old Catholic guilt for a long time (and I'm not even Catholic).


I don't see a problem, in theory, with teaching a kid a lesson for being a little asshole. My friends and I did this sort of thing in a similar middle-class neighborhood growing up, and now I see it as idiotic and annoying. BUT, shooting a kid with a freaking shotgun? The crime better be a little more severe to warrant something like that. This is an absurd overreaction to something very petty, and he deserves to do hard time for it.

It doesn't help that he hid in the bushes and ambushed the kids, either. Christ, a paintball gun would have been OK, but this is just sadistic.