Ding Ding - Round Two

getting ready to hit the gear for the second time after a successful cycle last year.

(obviously could have gained more naturally before starting my cycle but had no patience)

last cycle took me from a skinny 5"11 67kg to a slightly less skinny 83kg so i was happy with that

I ate like a cunt and now 10 months later i have kept everything i gained and would like to go further and see how much more i can gain

the last cycle was around 12 weeks of test e at 500-600mg a week,hard to say exactly since i was injecting with cannon sized syringes

the second cycle will be the same except il be taking 50mg of anadrol a day for the first 3 weeks and possibly a bit less test like 400-500mg

just thought id update since i read lots of useful info on this site and thought it contribute my experiences

50mg anadrol might be low. 100mg is preferred…

I’m going through my first cycle now and i cant help thinking about my next one!

My cycle is the same as your first one. Did you frontload the test?
I didn’t, i was thinking of keeping the test the same and just frontloading the next time.
I haven’t done enough research about dbol and drol yet so cant comment on that kickstart!

Good luck either way!!

i actually did front load the test
I took 1000mg in the first week @ 2x500mg
although this may have been unnecessary i had
plenty of juice so saw no harm in it and it kicked in sooner than expected

im in ireland too by the way

what cycle are u running now?