Dimmel Squats and Deads????

What are Dimmel Squats and Deads?

Below is a description of Dimmel Deadlifts taken from the FAQ Section of the elite fitness website. I’m not familiar with Dimmel Squats and wasn’t able to find anything during my brief search. Hopefully someone else has some info.

Dimmel Deadlift:
To perform this exercise grab a barbell with an over hand grip about shoulder width apart. Pull the bar up to a standing position. At this point arch your back and get you abs tight. Keep the back as arched as possible, push the glutes out, and keep the knees slightly bent. Lower the bar by push your body weight back unto your heals while pushing your glutes out. Try to lower the barbell to a position just past the knees. At this point you should feel a tremendous stretch in the glutes and hamstrings. Raise by contracting your glutes first, at the top of the movement contract the glute as hard as possible. Perform the exercise in a ballistic fashion. You want to drop to the midpoint position and explode back to the starting position.