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Diminutive Domesticated Fowl (CL)

Your neck of the woods is hillier than I thought. It’s very pretty.

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It’s very green right now from all the rain. Unusual to have fog at that time of day.

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Is it usually foggy in the mornings? We get fog maybe twice a year here.

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We don’t have much fog here but when we do, it’s usually in the morning not the late afternoon. There is just so much humidity right now.

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Heck, we’ve gotten sprinkles here, and it virtually never rains this early in the summer. Is it punishingly hot too? We’ve had a surprisingly cool summer so far. I prefer that, unless I’m swimming outside. Then, gimme heat!

It’s been unusually cool here as well. There were a couple of days last week the highs were in the 60s… in June…in Texas. It is supposed to dry out and get up in tve 90s this week which is more typical for this time of year.

My granny always told the story of having to build a fire in the heater when she brought my Uncle home from the hospital. He was born on July 3, 1930something. Maybe it will be that kind of year, so we will have weird stories to tell are grandkids… lol


Box jumps

Hip circle goblet squat

Belt squats



The planet is sick. We have an heat wave and a drought here.


I agree, something is definitely off in the weather department.

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DB floor press
0x10/40s couldn’t quite make it happen

Decline DB press


Story time!
So, today I went to the next town over to help out a friend of a friend with a new rent house.
Did my thang, picked up dinner because there is better pizza and fried chicken in the bigger town. Stopped at the big grocery store and by the time I headed home it was dusky dawn ( I read this description in a book once).

In between my house and the next is a little mountain you have drive over. Most of the land is a fairly large ranch so not very populated. I am not quite in deer territory but I am paying attention. I see the tailights of a pick up on the side of the road, and the first thought I had was somebody was getting mail out-of their mailbox. Got a little closer and could tell the drivers side was still over the fogline in the highway. Now, remember, it’s twilight and I am on the two lane. No cars coming so I fall out partially in the oncoming traffic lane and shit!!!

This crazy ass bitch runs/jumps out from behind the front of the pick up, right in front of me! I swerve to keep from hitting her. She is jumping up and down and pointing to the ditch like there is a real emergency. I stop, and back up, leaving the car in gear because, yeah, I have played this game before. A man comes around the passenger side of the pick up and hands her something and she immediately puts it in her purse. I yell and ask if everything was okay ( nope, not getting out of my car) and she said yes, that he wouldn’t give her phone back but she had it now . She keeps her hand on her purse and said everything is okay now. I told her to have a good evening and got the hell out of Dodge.

Got home and text my friend who travels this stretch of road back and forth between houses. Told her to be careful and not stop if she saw them. While we were texting it came up on the scanner that the police had stopped them and she gave them the story that the man was mean and she was trying to get away from him. Then she told them everything was okay. Well, last thing I saw was the guy was in the cop car kicking the partition on his way to jail. I hope they checked her purse, because I think she had more than a phone in there. The whole thing was just crazy. Nobody in their right mind would jump in front of a vechile with me driving. Nobody. Especially at twilight. When everything is gray.

My friend asked what I thought they were doing and my answer was… going to rob somebody. Thank God I was too poor to rob. Always trust your instinct.


Not too poor to rob just to smart. Good reactions all the way round on your part.

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That is generally very good life advice. Glad that you got through ok.

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Thanks @hel320 and @doomyguy

Nothing some iron and Dobie can’t fix.

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Okay, DB thing went out the window. I had to burn off some crazy.

Anderson squats (16)
Worked up 165
Worked up to a fairly easy 155

Landmine squats
Meadows rows
SA DB row

Some BW reverse lunges



3x3/135 started strong, finished strong, clean reps, nice bar path and depth

1x1/70 took a little umph to get this one up.

Shrugs for righty with a 45

Medicine ball carry in a bag righty only.

I think I have finally figured out what has jacked my shoulder around. Will see if it pans out.


Wu= yep its warm.out there.

Sumo from a deficit
1x1/215 I am absolutely stoked about this! Haven’t pulled with the straight bar in a while much less sumo from a deficit.
0x1/225 I DID break it off the floor though!

Good mornings

SL banded DB DL
5x10/45 (5 on each side)

Hammie curls

Decline weighted crunches

Not too shabby since I only slept for about 3 hours before I was assaulted by a scorpion in my bed :rage: Good news is… this time it didn’t make my face or hands go numb. No reaction. This is great news for me, maybe my immune system is finally working right again. I keep some benadryl in the car so I walked up to get it and the stupid deer was halfway in my greenhouse at 4:30 this morning! I mean… the very idea!
Then I went to get a spoon out of the silverware drawer to find a mouse having a party in there! It seems like a person who has a feral cat problem wouldn’t have a mouse in the house, but here we are.

Going to use the 215 as the max to run the Kroc simple DL plan again. Sumo (not super wide) from a deficit this time as long as my hip holds up.


…wait, what?

In Central Texas we have an unlimited suppy of bark scorpions.


Every summer when it gets hot they find their way into the house because it’s nice and cool in the A/C. They will crawl up the bed, or covers, drop off the ceiling you name it. Hide innyour shoes, clingbto your towel etc… I check the beds every night but they are nocturnal so sometimes you can’t find them, they find you. They generally don’t hurt if you don’t threaten them but when you’re asleep and feel something on you, instinct is to brush it off and that’s when they sting you. They are venomous but not fatal unless you have an allergic reaction. Like a bee sting.

Oh my god. Another reason for me to stay away from Texas.

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