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diminishing the cellulite look

I have been training for 11 years, but I can never truly eliminate the cellulite on the front of my thighs and lower rear end. I was wondering if there is some special type of dieting that would help out. Training hard with heavy weights or with high reps have never taken care of the problem.(not to mention a pre-contest diet.)

any suggestions?

Hi, d1sark. Take a look at LipoDerm-Y. It’s a topical yohimbine HCL product. You’ll start seeing results in a couple of weeks. The trick, though, is to do it in conjunction with a low-carb diet and fasted-state cardio. It is not a thermogenic; it is only a fat mobilizer, which is why I recommended fasted-state cardio in the am; you’ll burn what has been mobilized. The reason I recommended a low-carb diet is because any insulin response to carbohydrates is going to store any FFAs that the product mobilized.

Where do I start…Cellulite isn’t a special condition or something with a different type of fat. All cellulite is is when you have Fat underneath your skin and the skins thickness is uneven and not consistent…

So say you have a consistent fat thickness underneath your skin but your skin thickness over ur fat is inconsistent so say your skin goes from 1/2 inch thickness to 1/8 of an inch then the skin will sink down to meet the fat edge and create a pocket that creates dimples and the overall look is the look of cellulite. The things you can do to help it are indirect like drop your bodyfat down as much as possible and healthy to reduce the look. Another thing you can do is use moisturizer or something that will help with skin elastiscity like water helps alot.

Cosmetics to help with skin elasticity could help also but I don’t know what those are since im not a woman. but check into it. losing Bodyfat will help the most but also make sure to drink lots of water. Lose the bodyfat and I think most of it will go away. Genetics play a factor in you getting it I think but that doesnt mean that youll always have it. Most comes from just excess bodyfat in that area, but some can be genetic. Lose Bodyfat and keep me informed.


Is Lipoderm a kind of “cutting gel?” I’ve heard “cutting gels” don’t really work.

No, Lipoderm is a topical Yohimbine product that delivers the key ingredient right to the fat cells. This allows the Yohimbine to bind with the alpha 2 adrenoceptors and thus release stored fat. Cutting gel and the like are diuretics that will only rid the area of water and give it the appearance of shrinking. I have used it with good results in the past.


ChuckieT, I’m sorry, but I’m not up on cutting gels, so I don’t know. But what I can tell you is that Yohimbe is an herb that antagonizes the A2 receptors on the cell. What does that mean to you? (grin) Well, the A2 receptor is responsible for inhibiting or preventing the release of stored body fat. So something that works against it or antagonizes an A2 receptor actually promotes the release of stored body fat for energy. Women have a lot of A2 receptors on fat cells on their buttocks and thighs. Men have a lot of A2 receptors on those “love handles” on the obliques.

I agree with what Pugsley said, about cellulite not being anything special, just subcutaneous fat. However, those dag-blasted A2 receptors are the problem. Have you ever seen a women that had a real thin, lean upper body, and really thick thighs? She’s working out, doing cardio, watching her diet, but just can’t lose that fat (and cellulite!) off her thighs. That’s where Yohimbe comes in.

The problem is that taking it orally is not terribly effective. Or if it is, it makes its effects known slowly, over time. Subcutaneous fat is not well vascularized. So in this particular case, a topical application is superior.

Now, that all sounds like great science – and I would recommend that you do a search on the product and read up on it – but I have to tell you that I am definitely seeing POSITIVE results. And that in a very short period of time (2-3 weeks).

However, I would like to say one last thing. This product is not for the person who is 50 pounds overweight. It’s for the person who is pretty close to their goal weight, who has a few stubborn areas that just won’t “give it up.”

Tampa Terry, I think that the gels would help but not eliminate the problem, Cause even if you get rid of the fat the skin will still have those pockets in it from extreme overstreching of the skin(kinda like when you strech dough too far and it gets a hole in it.) So I think she can help the problem but never get rid of it, just reduce its appearance…It all has to do with the skins elasticity capabilities.

BTW what are some good yohimbe companies to buy from that have the topical stuff…and also was it sticky, stinky or comfortable to wear it? I might find a use for.it in my program to see if it works. Could this also help the removal of fat from trouble spots more readily? You know like they say the last place you put fat on is usually the first place it come off. I store all of my fat in my love handles and not much in my stomach. Do you think this gel could make that fat on my love handles more readily availble for burning earlier on in my program instead of very late cause it is a very stubborn spot for me never seems to want to come off and the first place I put weight back on at? Thanks for your answers in advance Terry


Not to dismiss the efficacy of the topical yohimbine here but…Has anyone even determined/asked how this individuals nutritional habits are???

There are plenty, perhaps even the majority of people that have been training for that long but have yet to really break into that “elite” category.
Why? The diet is way off kilter for the results they desire.

My thoughts are that the end result will come from diet modification and not so much the routine (although it does play a role).

So how do you typically eat d1sark?

Hey, there, Pugs!!! Please say hi to Bets for me the next time you see her.

Re the yohimbe product I’m using, I’ve only just started using the product (2-3 weeks). Annecdotal evidence has been quite positive, which is what led me to experiment on myself. I agree with BodyIQ that diet is KEY. Too many people are looking for a pill or a quick fix. But I do repeat, for someone that’s pretty much there, it seems to work as advertised. I really wanted to give it about a month before I gave it a thumbs up (or not), but I am THRILLED with the results I have seen thus far. I’d be glad to revisit the topic in a month. I am of course, dieting/cutting/hypocaloric. I do fasted-state cardio and weight bearing exercises. I’ve got everything else in order, so a topical yohimbe product is not a quick fix for me; more the last piece of the puzzle.

Yes, I’m notice that as I’m losing weight my skin is looser (in places it hangs), but my intentions are to start bulking after dropping BF, so maybe I’ll be able to tighten that skin up a bit with some sexy, lean muscle. That should fix the problem, shouldn’t it?(grin)

Not really sticky, though I can tell I’ve applied it. It has a pleasant-enough smell. Though to get the results I’m getting I would have been more than willing to put up with sticky or stinky. (grin)

There are competitors to LipoDerm-Y, but I liked their extremely detailed explanation on the science behind the product and the delivery system. I would recommend that you do a search on “topical yohimbe/yohimbine” and come to your own conclusions. I bought mine for about $43 + S&H (Retail is higher, of course) at 1fast400.com.

And yes, at this point I would say that it would help with the mobilization of fat from those stubborn areas. You MUST, however, use it in conjunction with a low-carb diet (like T-Dawg) because it doesn’t do any good to mobilize fat if a release of insulin causes it to be stored elsewhere. I also recommend its use before fasted-state cardio.

And yes, I’ve heard a number of people report that it is effective with the love handles on the obliques of men. The skin might still be loose, as you said, but at least you would have SKINNY love handles and not FAT love handles. (grin)

Go ahead and give it a go, Pugs. I know you’re doing everything else you should be and that you’re not using it as a crutch or a shortcut. And heck, myself? I’m thankful for even SMALL miracles.

BodyIQ, I think I took a look at her BW and BF%. She’s relatively trim for a female, and cellulite is one of those things that is visible even at low BW and relatively low BF%. You’re right about the diet, though. And some fasted-state cardio would be HIGHLY complementary to achieving her goals also.

My hesitation in posting information about a topical yohimbe product has been that people would use it as a crutch, a get-out-of-jail-free card. You know, like the 300-pound housewife who thinks all she has to do is find the right diet pill or figures liposuction is good for about 50 pounds off her thighs and backside? Not trying to ridicule anyone who’s trying to improve their body composition, but this is only a tool, a finishing touch.
Diet, cardio and a good weight-bearing program are what yield REAL results. Without those things being right, all the topical yohimbe in the world is not going to make things better.