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Dimensions for Blocks?

A friend of mine found someone who can make blocks for us to use./.

does anyone here have dimensions of blocks??

Mine are 18" x 24"

what is the point of the blocks?

i reckon adjustable blocks would be pretty cool.

i mean… the first position / second position transition is supposed to be seamless, right?

so would make sense to alter the height so as not to create a stopping point in what is ideally an increase in momentum.

but that is just my guess.

or perhaps you meant the non-height dimensions? dunno…

Better to be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.


after sleep and coffee i’ll try and guess how that was foolish…

you get wood in four by six cuts or whatever. so… four inches wide and six feet long or whatever. and the depth is assumed so doesn’t feature in the statement of the measurement. or in this case the depth / height is assumed to be variable so doesn’t feature in the statement of the measurement. guess that is it.

i’m just a little obsessed with the fairly recent discovery of seamless transitions between the first and second pull. zen or stupid. whatever.

ooh. those are purdy.

my gym only has one set of wooden blocks designed to set the bar the same height as the bumpers. sometimes people put the bar with the bumpers on the wooden blocks for additional height.

a stacking system would be awesome.

very smart.