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Dimels vs. Rack Pulls???

I was watching a couple of video clips of rack pulls and dimels. The only difference I can tell is the rep tempo, as the Dimels are explosive, whereas the rack pulls are more controlled. Since it is virtually the same movement, what are the advantages of each? I do know that rack pulls help with the lockout of the deadlift, but I am not familiar with dimels, thus I watched the video clips. I am getting started with some of Waterbury’s programs, and I want to be able to use a variety of specific movements. From what I can remember, aren’t dimels a “Westdide” movement for dynamic effort days? Sorry for the incoherent ramblings, but I’ve been up all night fixing my broken computer, and reading T-nation with the other. Thanks, -The Starkdog

I’m not sure they’re the same movement. Rack pulls are an overload device, Dimels are (according to Dave Tate) usually done for higher reps–around 20-25 I believe.

On a rack pull the pins are stopping you, on a dimel your own hamstrings have to stop and reverse the weight.